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Data Files


The list of git repositories to search.

Each entry should have

  • id - id of this repo. Normally the owner or repository name. Must be unique. Will be used as the directory (among other things)
  • repo - github repository (LATER: any git url)
  • branch - which branch contains the logos
  • directory - which subdirectory contains the logos
  • LATER: rename - regex to use to rename the files (since file names are the basis for searching)


  • id - id of this repo
  • commit - current commit
  • lastmodified - date last updated
  • images - array of image metadata objects

Each image metadata object consists of:

  • name - name of the project/company (from the file name, so not especially accurate)
  • img - local url to use to display
  • src - url of logo in the repository (for hyperlinking)
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