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🌐Asims personal website developed in Node, Express, and React.
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Personal Website

Do your best to address each of the items on the list below.

  • Style your work
    • Use three levels of hierarchy.
    • Font styles, strive for legibility.
      • Set the font-size on the body element in px.
        • Why should I do this?
      • Set the font size of other elements in em
      • Set the color.
      • You can use a different font-family for headings.
      • Use line-height to set the line spacing (this helps legibility)
      • Text should not touch an edge (You probably need padding on the parent)
      • Try to get three levels of hierarchy.
      • Use flex box to arrange things in vertical or horizontal groups
  • Code review with another student
    • HTML: Check semantics and usage
      • Check the comments and formatting
      • Look at your tag choices an ask yourself about its relevance
        • Does that content really deserve an h1 or article tag?
      • Check the usage (be sure to consult the documentation for the tag!)
        • Is that li inside a ul or ol?
        • Do your sections have headings?
        • Did you use all of the correct attributes?
      • Check your work with the validator!
    • CSS: Check syntax and style rules.
      • Style and formatting
      • Did you use comments?
        • Whether you feel you need them or not annotating your work is professional!
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