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Platforms: Windows and macOS

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Skizzle is a Svelte + Electron application fetch and group the pull requests from all your projects from Azure DevOps. Skizzle notify you when a new pull request is available.

This app uses the Azure DevOps API API, and it is built with Electron and Svelte.

Skizzle displays a list of pull requests

Getting Started

Clone this repository:

# download
git clone
cd Skizzle

# install dependencies
npm install

# Run project
npm start


Installing Skizzle is pretty basic. Just follow the installer. For logging into the app, you have to use your Azure devOps account.

Note for Mac users : Skizzle is not signed (yet). It can be a problem on some Macs. To fix it, you have to copy the Skizzle app in Application folder being administrator and then type the command : bash xattr -rc /Applications/


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


BOUKORRAS Jerome - Software Engineer. DE BAERDEMAEKER Mathieu - Software Engineer.


This project is licensed under MIT License - see the file for details