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This is a rake task to convert your existing bugzilla database to
a redmine database. Bugzilla is a popular Bugtracking-System. Redmine
is a increasingly popular bugtracking system as well. Compared with Bugzilla,
Redmine has a couple of unique features.

The task is based on the work of Arjen Roodselaar, Lindix bv.
Edited by Eugene Sypachev, St.Petersburg, Russia.

== Features

* Keeps a Record of the original Bugzilla Bugnumbers
* Converts most of the existing Bugzilla-Data including attachments
  and relations between issues.
* Creates needed Custom Fields from Bugzillas fields (little editing is needed)
* Moves values from Bugzillas custom fields to Redmine new custom fields
* Asks for new project identifiers. If user value is blank, identifier is formed like project + bugzilla_project_id 
  It was done to avoid validation errors with projects, named with language, other than english or with other than latin letters

== Usage

* Put the migrate_from_bugzilla.rake file into the lib/tasks directory
  of your Redmine installation.
* Backup your Databases and your existing redmine installation.
  The task will delete all of the data of your existing redmine installation.
* If you are working on a new installation of redmine make shure you ran
  "rake redmine:load_default_data".
 NB! If Redmine database is not blank (with default data only) - your data may be broken

* If you need to move some custom fields you must edit script (see below) 
* Run the script and enter the connection settings of your bugzilla database.

== Editing the script to move custom fields

* Open script for editing (in Linux: vi %Route_to_redmine_tasks_directory%/migrate_from_bugzilla.rake)
* Find "CUSTOM_FIELDS =" string (about 120 line)
* For each custom field add line like this: [position, name_of_redmine_field, name_of_bugzilla_field, "text", min_length, max_length] for text fields, 
   [position, name_of_redmine_field, name_of_bugzilla_field, "text", min_length, max_length, list_of_bugzilla_values] for list fields
* Add list field values above (about 110 line), like it is done for Severity Bugzillas field
  NB!  You must add values of Bugzillas lists, othervise that values will be ignored by script
* Save script, now you can run it, all your data will be transfered