A css theme for reddit.com



Naut is a CSS theme you can use on reddit.com. It's free to use and any subreddit can use and edit it. Visit /r/Naut to preview the theme.

Naut 4.0

Installation Instructions

'Subreddit' should be changed to your subreddit name.

  1. Go to /r/subreddit/about/stylesheet
  2. Paste the CSS from the 'Naut 4 - Main CSS File.css' file into the CSS textarea.
  3. Upload the images from the /images/ folder. (Don't rename them!)
  4. Hit save!

Now you can customize it by either adding customization lines yourself, or by visiting the /r/Naut wiki and customizing it yourself!

If you have any questions on how to customize, /r/CSSHelp might be better suited than /r/Naut!

Click here to download