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Inferring memory depth of Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma strategies
using scipy and the Axelrod library.
from itertools import islice
import numpy
from scipy import stats
import axelrod
C, D = axelrod.Actions.C, axelrod.Actions.D # The plays
def fet_tests(data_dict):
"""Performs four Fisher exact tests on each possible context."""
# What has the opponent been doing?
C_count = sum(v[0] for (k, v) in data_dict.items())
D_count = sum(v[1] for (k, v) in data_dict.items())
test_results = dict()
# Pull out the C and D counts for each context
for context in data_dict.keys():
C_count_context = data_dict[context][0]
D_count_context = data_dict[context][1]
# Build the conditional table
table = numpy.array([[C_count, D_count], [C_count_context, D_count_context]])
# Run the Fisher test
test_stat, pvalue = stats.fisher_exact(table)
test_results[context] = (test_stat, pvalue)
return test_results
def memory_one_estimate(data_dict):
"""Estimates the memory one strategy probabilities from the observed
estimates = dict()
for context in data_dict.keys():
C_count = data_dict[context][0]
D_count = data_dict[context][1]
estimates[context] = float(C_count) / (C_count + D_count)
except ZeroDivisionError:
estimates[context] = None
return estimates
def print_dict(d):
for key, value in sorted(d.items()):
print key, value
def collect_data(opponent):
"""Generator to collect data from opponent."""
player = axelrod.Random(0.5) # The probe strategy
while True:
yield (player.history[-1], opponent.history[-1])
def infer_depth(opponent, test_rounds=200):
"""Collect data and report statistical tests."""
data_dict = {(C, C): [0, 0],
(C, D): [0, 0],
(D, C): [0, 0],
(D, D): [0, 0]}
# Save the history locally as we go
history = []
for turn in islice(collect_data(opponent), test_rounds + 1):
if len(history) < 2:
# Record opponents play and context
context = history[-2]
# Context is reversed for opponent
context = (context[1], context[0])
# Count the opponent's Cs and Ds
if turn[1] == C:
data_dict[context][0] += 1
data_dict[context][1] += 1
# Perform the Fisher tests
test_results = fet_tests(data_dict)
# Estimate the four conditional probabilities
estimate = memory_one_estimate(data_dict)
return data_dict, test_results, estimate
def main():
strategies = [axelrod.Cooperator(), axelrod.Defector(),
axelrod.Random(0.4), axelrod.Random(0.5), axelrod.Random(0.9),
axelrod.TitForTat(), axelrod.GTFT(),
axelrod.WinStayLoseShift(), axelrod.ZDGTFT2(),
axelrod.TitFor2Tats(), axelrod.TwoTitsForTat(),
axelrod.CyclerCCD(), axelrod.CyclerCCCD(),
axelrod.CyclerCCCCCD(), axelrod.HardTitForTat(),
for opponent in strategies:
data_dict, test_results, estimate = infer_depth(opponent)
print opponent
print "-"*len(str(opponent))
print "Collected Data"
C_count = sum(v[0] for (k, v) in data_dict.items())
D_count = sum(v[1] for (k, v) in data_dict.items())
print "C count, D count: %s, %s" % (C_count, D_count)
print "\nFisher Exact Tests"
print "\nEstimated Memory One Probabilities"
if __name__ == "__main__":
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