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This page describes what you can do with the Axon Trader application. The idea for the application is that users that are logged in can sell stock items they own, or buy new stock items if they have enough money. Since it is a learning application, functionality is available to give users stock items as well as money. Of course there is also a page that shows what the specific (logged in user) has in his portfolio.

The Data

When starting the sample locally a new database is initialized. If you have been playing around and want to start over you can re-initialize the database by calling the url /data/init. The data part of the application can also help you reading the what is in the database. If you go to the url /data/collections (or use the top menu) you'll get an overview of all the collections in the database. All collections that end with Entry are part of the query database. The collections domainevents and snapshotevents are part of the Axon-framework. By clicking on a collection you can have a look at the contents of the collection.

Logging in

For most of the functionality of the application you need to login. The application needs to know who you are, or else it will not know what you have to sell and how much money you have to buy. The users that are available are mentioned on the Home page, three buyers are available. By default the buyers have money or stock items when the application is started. Later on we explain how you can give users more money or stock items to support the cases you want to try.

The Dashboard

The dashboard shows you the money you have, the amount of money that is reserved, the Trade items you have and the trade items that are reserved. Next to your possessions, the dashboard also shows the transactions that you are doing or have done.

The Portfolio

The portfolio is actually an admin screen. Within this screen you can select a user and give him some money or Trade items.

The Companies

The final part of the application is the most important part. This is where you can place your Buy and Sell orders. Of course you cannot place a buy order if you do not have enough money. You can also forget selling Stock items that you do not have. The screen for a company shows the buy and sell orders as well as all the executed trades.


After entering an order, the system will try to make a match with other orders. If you want to buy 10 items of Philips for 100 cent each and someone else wants to sell them for 90 cents, the system calculates the price as the average of the buying and selling price.