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Kafka Axon Springboot Example

This is an example SpringBoot application using the Kafka Axon extension. It configures a simple Kafka message publishing using Kafka infrastructure run locally.

How to run


You will need docker and docker-compose to run this example.

Please run:

docker-compose -f ./kafka-axon-example/docker-compose.yaml up -d

This will start Kafka, Zookeeper, Kafka Rest and Kafka Rest UI (available then on http://localhost:8000/)

Now build the application by running:

mvn clean package -f ./kafka-axon-example 

Running example application

You can start the application by running java -jar ./kafka-axon-example/target/axon-kafka-example.jar.

From a Kafka Message Source perspective, there are several options you have, as both consumption and production of event messages can be Subscribing or Tracking (aka push or pull). Thus, the application can run in four different modes due to the possibility to define a producer and consumer event processing mode. At this stage the following profiles can be used:

  • subscribing-producer
  • tracking-producer
  • subscribing-consumer
  • tracking-consumer

If not specified, a subscribing producer and tracking consumer will be used. To activate these modes, please use Spring profiles in the run configuration like so:,subscribing-consumer

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