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GitHub Actions for Glo

The set of GitHub Actions to automatically update your Glo cards. Links to Glo cards from within a Pull Request description or commit message can trigger the following actions:

  • Move a Glo card(s) to any column on your board
  • Create a Glo card
  • Add a label to a Glo card(s)
  • Assign a user to a Glo card(s)
  • Add a comment to a Glo card(s)


Parse Glo Links Parse your Pull Request description for links to cards

Create Glo Card (coming soon) Create a Glo card and optionally set the description, label, assignee and column

Change Column Change the column of a card(s)

Add Label Add an existing label to a card(s)

Assign User Assign a Glo user to a card(s)

Add Comment Add a comment to a card(s)


An example workflow to trigger moving a card to the "Deployed" column on a Glo board when a PR is merged.

on: pull_request

name: Glo actions

    name: Glo actions
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-parse-links@v1
      id: glo-parse

    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-move-card@v1
        authToken: ${{ secrets.GLO-PAT }}
        cards: '${{ }}'
        column: 'Deployed'
      id: glo-move

Read more at the GitKraken Support site

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