Asset that helps you to connect with the Axway-API-Management system to the MS Dynamics CRM
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With this set of policies and OAuth-Client application template you can start integrate into the MS-Dynamics-CRM service.

The MS-Dynamics-CRM Web-API is protected by OAuth 2.0 and requires a personalized access using the OAuth 2.0 AuthZ-Code flow. This template is using Azure Active Directory as the Identity-Provider and OAuth-Authorization server.

You more information and see it live please review our video-series using this asset in the Axway API-Management Youtube-Channel:

API Management Version Compatibilty

This artefact was successfully tested for the following versions:

  • V7.5.3


  • Import the Configuration-Set (XML-File) into your configuration set

  • Configure the OAuth-Client-Application as registered in the Azure Active Directory

  • make sure you adjust the configuration of the imported Azure AD provider settings (Token & AuthZ-Endpoint)

  • Open the imported Policy: MS Azure Authorize Callback and adjust the filter: Verify ID Token to you AD-Tenant-ID

  • Setup the policy: "MS Dynamics CRM API-Mgr Routing" as to be a routing policy for API-Manager

  • You may use the file: Src/ms_dynamics_crm_sample_api.dat and import it as an API-Collection into API-Manager for testing purposes


When you have imported the API into API-Manager you can test that API, by basically calling the Dynamics-CRM OData Web-API. For instance like this:
https://<you-api-mgt-host>:8065/api/data/v9.0/accounts?$filter=accountnumber eq 'ABSS4G45'

Bug and Caveats

To be completed


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


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Apache License 2.0