Android App to Access Axway MBaaS
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A Reference Android Mobile Application using Axway MBaaS API's.

In order to run this application


  • Should have access to API Management Plus Environment This environment includes following components
    • API Manager/Gateway
    • API Portal
      • MBaaS Android SDK
    • API Builder (API Runtime Services)
    • Axway MBaaS
    • Axway Decison Insight (Optional)

Steps to Download MBaaS Android SDK

  • Virtualize Axway MBaaS API's uisng the MBaaS Swagger File or MBaaS Swagger URL in API Manager.
  • Self register/Login to API Portal.
    • Create an Application.
    • Grant access to MBaaS API's to the Application Created.
    • In the Authorization tab, generate an API Key for the Application Created.
    • Under API Section, select the MBaaS API's and Download the Android SDK Client.

Assuming you have the Axway MBaaS Android SDK.

Pull this project to your Android Studio and just perform below modifications in the project files

  1. Copy the Downloaded SDK folder to "com.axway.arrowmbs" package
  2. Copy the "axway_oauth_v8.aar" to the lib folder.
  3. Open the File and update the API Key with the key generated for the application created. SdkClient.getInstance().setApiKey("Applications API Key");

This reference applications verifies the following Axway MBaaS Objects,

            "Access Control Lists",
            "Geo Fences",
            "Custom Objects",
            "Photo Collections",
            "Push Notifications",