Axway Automated Testing System (ATS) Framework. Details are in the README at the bottom of this page.
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The Axway Automated Testing System (ATS) is a Java open source testing framework. It was initially developed for the testing needs of most of the Axway products.

ATS key features include:

  • Easy to write and maintain automated tests. Understandable by both QA and developers
  • Appropriate for variety types of functional and performance testing
  • Separate components, or complete products, or products grouped as a bigger product can be tested
  • Tests work on all platforms with (virtually) no change
  • Support of distributed environments – it all works locally and remotely
  • Comprehensive statistics about the system resource usage of the tested applications
  • Consolidated reporting allowing easy test result analyzes
  • Ability to freely mix ATS code with your own code
  • Ability to plug in your own code, so it feels like it is part of ATS. For example you can use your own file transfer protocol or database
  • Some functionalities can also be used by non-java projects

Documentation is available at

Video tutorials are published on YouTube here

ATS framework preview

ATS framework artifacts are available at
Release notes are published here

Other related projects:

Contact ATS team at: