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WORK IN PROGRESS - Branch using latest features with Log4J 1.2.x

Version pending: 4.0.11 (currently in SNAPSHOT). Note that 4.0.8 and 4.0.9 are released versions using log4j 2.x.

The Axway Automated Testing System (ATS) is a Java open source testing framework. It was initially developed for the testing needs of many of the Axway products.

ATS key features include:

  • Easy to write and maintain automated tests. Understandable by both QA and developers
  • Appropriate for variety types of functional and performance testing
  • Separate components, or complete products, or products grouped as a bigger product can be tested
  • Tests work on all platforms with (virtually) no change
  • Support of distributed environments – it all works locally and remotely
  • Comprehensive statistics about the system resource usage of the tested applications
  • Consolidated reporting allowing easy test result analyzes
  • Ability to freely mix ATS code with your own code
  • Ability to plug in your own code, so it feels like it is part of ATS. For example you can use your own file transfer protocol or database
  • Some functionalities can also be used by non-java projects

Documentation is available at

Note that this is tool for testing purposes and is not targeted for production use.

Video tutorials are published on YouTube here

ATS framework preview

ATS framework artifacts are available at
Release notes are published here

Other related projects:

Contact ATS team at: