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shit-going-down 🚔 👀

A web-mobile app that allows contacting your trusted friends, via Twitter or SMS at a push of a button in case of an emergency.It is for protesters or anyone who feels threatened in public. It provides a means to trigger a last-minute alert to a trusted friend or contact with a request for help. if available, the alert will contain a location via Google Maps and optionally a local Bail Fund that may be able to provide assistance.



information can we find in the about page []

  1. Open the app on your mobile - - and add the app to your mobile home-screen. Here is an explanation how to do so for android and ios.
  2. We recommend doing so before exiting the field in order to best protect yourself and your contacts.

Contributing / Future Roadmap:

  1. Our bail fund list is in complete and limited to USA - this can be expanded easily.
  2. Currently supported in the USA and Israel, would be happy to expand it.


  • This app was built during a few days in a fast paced, we were hoping to assist the heaten situation and strengthen the trusted network.
  • Accessibility, inclusion, and performance are at the core of this project.
  • If you run into any issues or have concerns please use the issues tab on the github repo.

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