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Ayatana Indicators

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  1. libayatana-appindicator libayatana-appindicator Public

    Ayatana Application Indicators Shared Library

    C 43 11

  2. libayatana-indicator libayatana-indicator Public

    Ayatana Indicators Shared Library

    C 8 6

  3. ayatana-webmail ayatana-webmail Public

    Webmail notifications and actions for any desktop

    Python 8 4

  4. ayatana-indicator-application ayatana-indicator-application Public

    Ayatana Indicator Application Service

    C 5 2

  5. ayatana-ido ayatana-ido Public

    Ayatana Indicator Display Objects

    C 4 10

  6. libdbusmenu libdbusmenu Public

    Pass a menu structure across DBus so that a program can create a menu simply without worrying about how it is displayed on the other side of the bus.

    C 4 7


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