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<enum id="ayatana-indicator-power-icon-policy-enum">
<value nick="present" value="0" />
<value nick="charge" value="1" />
<value nick="never" value="2" />
<schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.ayatana.indicator.power" path="/org/ayatana/indicator/power/">
<key name="show-time" type="b">
<_summary>Show time in Menu Bar</_summary>
<_description>Whether or not to show the time in the menu bar.</_description>
<key name="show-percentage" type="b">
<_summary>Show percentage in Menu Bar</_summary>
<_description>Whether or not to show the percentage in the menu bar.</_description>
<key enum="ayatana-indicator-power-icon-policy-enum" name="icon-policy">
<_summary>When to show the battery status in the menu bar.</_summary>
<_description>Options for when to show battery status. Valid options are "present", "charge", and "never".</_description>
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