Intuitionistic S5 logic formalization
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This developement formalizes the IS5 logic. Two formalizations are used:

* "A Symetric Modal Lambda calculus for Distributed Computing" by Tom Murphy VII, Karl Crary, Robert Harper and Frank Pfenning provides labeled approach

* "Label-free Proof Systems for Intuitionistic Modal Logic IS5" by Didier Galmiche and Yakoub Salhi provides label-free approach

On a technical side, we are using tlc and Metatheory libraries available at

Installation instructions

Coq proof assistant is required for this code to be compiled and the proofs checked. The current version of coq can be downloaded from
In addition, a non-standard library tlc is used throughtout the development. The last verfied to be working version is available under, but there is a good chance that a more recent version will work as well. This library has to be installed under user-contrib directory (or in any other place where it will be visible for coqtop).

Next, to compile the language definitions, we need some shared libraries compiled as well.
A complete script checking proofs for languages is the following (starting from the main repository directory):
cd Labeled && make && cd ..
cd LabelFree && make && cd NoDiamond && make && cd .. && cd ..
cd Hybrid && make && cd ..
coqc Labeled.v && coqc LabelFree.v && coqc LabelFreeNoDia.v && coqc Hybrid.v

Results regarding relations between languages reside in LanguagesEquivalence directory; termination of LF language can be found in Termination directory.