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Grunt plugin to compress JPG and PNG images according to Google's Guetzli algorithm.

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grunt-guetzli in action


You need to have Guetzli already installed on your system for this plugin to work. Download from the Guetzli releases page, or compile it yourself.

Run npm install --save grunt-guetzli.

This will install the grunt-guetzli plugin and its grunt dependency if not already installed.

In your Gruntfile.js , you can use the new guetzli task as following:

guetzli: {
            files: {
                expand: true,
                src: 'tmp/images/*.jpg',
                dest: 'tmp/images-optimized'
            options: {
                quality: 84

Then, you need to make Grunt load the new task:


Now, you can add the grunt-guetzli to any existing or new Grunt task:

grunt.registerTask('default', ['uncss', 'concat_css', 'uglify', 'guetzli']); // Notice the last array element.


The source guetzli binary does not expose many configuration options other than the quality and an option to enable verbose output. Currently, Guetzli binary also exposes an option to limit the memory limit, and those options will be added to this grunt plugin in a future release.

This plugin makes it possible to configure the quality, verbose option, and specify the guetzli binary path if it's not in the system PATH.

Configuration options

  • quality: The quality of the output image. Allows an integer between 84 and 100. Default (from guetzli binary): 95.
  • verbose: Enables verbose output from the guetzli binary. Note that this plugin provides the compression information for each file, and a summary at the end of operation even without this option.
  • binpath: Specify a custom path to the guetzli binary if it is not already available in the path. If not given, guetzli will be used. If the given path is not available or executable, Grunt will return an error with code 127.


You are welcome to do so. Send a PR or create an issue in the Github repo.


Grunt plugin to compress JPG and PNG images according to Google's Guetzli algorithm.







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