A trivial but working polyfill for PHP 7.3 is_countable function. Supports PHP versions >= 5.3
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PHP 7.3 is_countable polyfill

A trivial but working polyfill for PHP 7.3 is_countable function.


You can use composer to install this polyfill:

composer require ayesh/is_countable-polyfill

This will install the polyfill with all the contents, including tests. If you would like to install without these files while keeping only the core polyfill, you can use:

composer require ayesh/is_countable-polyfill --prefer-dist


PHPUnit is used as the test framework. Some of the tested variables are directly taken from the commit that added is_countable to PHP source.

FAQ (or questions I think someone would ask)

Why use this library when I could simply copy-paste the snippet from the RFC?


PHP 5.2 compatibility

You can even use this simple compat for any PHP version that you'd ever run into. For 5.2 or older versions, please just stop using polyfills and just upgrade your PHP version.

I get Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in %s on line %d error

This is because you called count() function on a variable that cannot be counted. If you want to check if a given variable is "positive", you should be using empty() contruct instead of count().

PHP 7.3 comes with an is_countable function that helps to mitigate such warnings by checking if the variable is countable first. For those who don't have PHP 7.3 yet, this polyfill will add the same functionality in user-land code.