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Plugins repository

Attention : some plugins might need jQuery. So make sure you load it when required.

Available Plugins


This plugin permits to manage the fields from the NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx pages.

People Ahead

Change an input field into a field that will search for a name into the Sharepoint Address Book (= people picker)

Extend Column Filters

This is a plugin that is able to extend the default filters available in each column/header for a standard Sharepoint view.

It could be improved a lot but right now it fits my little needs: I have a Document Library under Sharepoint 2010 (untested for the other versions of Sharepoint) and I've noticed that the default views don't permit to filter by the filename when I needed this feature.

How to create a new plugin

You simply need to insert your code inside the below one:

$SP().registerPlugin('nameOfYourPlugin', function(options) {
  // your code here

Then it'll be called like that:

$SP().plugin('nameOfYourPlugin',{optionsOne:"something",optionsTwo:"something else"});