SharepointPlus 5.0 Announcement

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When I started to create SharepointPlus it was for Sharepoint 2007, when IE8 was the default browser in my company.

With the 2010 version and then the 2013, I continued to develop my library, trying to maintain the IE8+ support, and then jQuery, and, since Sharepoint v4 branch, Callbacks + Promise.

I released the branch v4.x a few weeks ago because I saw the improvement brought by Promise and I wanted to leverage it. In the meantime I thought about the possible users of my lib who want to keep using Callbacks, or using jQuery Deferred. It's why I started this v4.x branch that was supposed to offer everything together.

During the last couple of weeks I was working on bringing Promise to more functions in the library, however I realized that my code started to become a real nightmare to maintain : IE8, jQuery.ajax, nanoajax, Callbacks, Promise, Node,... All these technologies were killing it!

So I decided to rewrite the entire code without supporting old technologies anymore. In my company, IE11 and Chrome are the new standards, and Promise is widely supported (otherwise the polyfill is super small): why should I spend time to maintain IE8 support, or jQuery, or Callbacks?


Today I'm announcing SharepointPlus v5.0 that is a major break for the users:

  • No more Callbacks : all functions return a Promise, and the Callbacks are not supported anymore (see the documentation of each function);
  • Support from IE11 : bye bye IE8 ! The tests will run under IE11 and modern browsers (but the technology I'm using should be OK for IE9+). The developers will be responsible to verify it works for older browsers;
  • Nanoajax has been integrated, so jQuery.ajax is not used anymore, even if you have jQuery in the page;
  • All functions related to form fields are moved into a dedicated plugin: it means you'll have to call the plugin file if you want to use $SP().formfields().

By rewriting all the functions I've also reviewed some parameters and some data returned by them. It will be detailed into the changelog.

The file's size is 20% lighter than v4.0, and it makes it easier to maintain. In parallel I've added more than 30 new Unit tests (~191 tests are done) to make sure everything is still working as expected.

Release Date

I won't release this new version right away. Actually I'm starting a big project in Sharepoint 2013 in which I'll have the opportunity to test this v5.0 and add more stuff. At the end of this project (end of October) I'll publish the library in the main channel.


SharepointPlus v5.0 won't be safe to use in existing projects (it might be safe if you take the time to modify your code), so I'd only recommend it for new projects.

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