Simple, minimal, modular, fast and easy WebSocket client and server
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Simple Websocket client and server

Simple and easy to use Websocket client and server.

Presentation :

This is a node.js fast and simple implementation of websocket client and server.

Intention :

Other websockets node.js projects exist but it's not obvious to find something minimal with the basic encode/decode functions for websockets implemented over a simple TCP server and client socket including the initial handshake, and with the possibility to easyly replace/modify/add things for your use.

Implementation :

See lib/websocket.js There is no installation instruction because it's quite easy to install, it has been built with pieces from different projects (see below), everything is minimal and simple, if you don't like some functions or it does not correspond to your use just replace/modify them and add what you need. Of course the client can be a normal browser.

Tests :

Heavily tested with Ayms/node-Tor

Related projects :