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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Demo Get Enrolments
# Author:
# web:
# Requirements:
# * warrant-lite (pip install warrant-lite)
# Eyn API is available at Documentation of the API is
# available at
# (c) 2019 eyn ltd
from warrant_lite import WarrantLite
import requests
import json
import datetime
def do_authentication(username, password, cognito_pool_id, cognito_client_id):
""" authenticates to AWS Cognito via eyn's credentials and returns
authentication tokens
username (str): username to authenticate (supplied by EYN)
password (str): password to authenticate (supplied by EYN)
cognito_pool_id (str): AWS cognito user pool id
cognito_client_id (str): AWS cognito app client id
(dict): authentication tokens
wl = WarrantLite(username=username, password=password,
pool_id=cognito_pool_id, client_id=cognito_client_id,
client_secret=None, pool_region="eu-west-2")
tokens = wl.authenticate_user()
return tokens
def get_enrolments(req_auth_headers, eyn_api_key):
""" queries the EYN API's /enrolments endpoint to retrieve a list of
enrolment ids
req_auth_headers (dict): authentication headers containing
authorisation token
eyn_api_key (str): the api key from eyn
(dict): a list of enrolment ids
parameters = {'start_time': 0,
'end_time': str(int('%s'))*1000),
'eyn_api_key': eyn_api_key}
response = requests.get('',
params=parameters, headers=req_auth_headers)
body = json.loads(response.content)
enrolment_ids = body["enrolment_ids"]
return enrolment_ids
if __name__ == '__main__':
print('[eyn-api-demo] Demo Get Enrolments')
# TODO: Demo parameters - replace with your eyn credentials
username = "" # replace with your username
password = "Def4ultP4ssw0rd!" # replace with your password
cognito_pool_id = "" # replace with your cognito pool id
cognito_client_id = "" # replace with your cognito client id
eyn_api_key = "" # replace with your eyn api key
# First, we have to authenticate to AWS Cognito
tokens = do_authentication(username, password, cognito_pool_id, cognito_client_id)
req_auth_headers = {'Accept': '*/*',
'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8',
'Authorization': tokens['AuthenticationResult']['IdToken']}
# Now, we can query EYN API to get a list of enrolments
enrolment_ids = get_enrolments(req_auth_headers, eyn_api_key)
# Let's print the list of enrolments that we retrieved
print('[eyn-api-demo] Results of querying /enrolments')
for enrolment_id in enrolment_ids:
print('enrolment_id :' + enrolment_id["enrolment_id"])
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