Arduino library for the TR-064 protocol, most commonly used by the Fritz!Box router API
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Arduino library for the TR-064 protocol, most commonly used by Fritz!Box. A Description of the protocol.

Has been developed on an ESP8266 and was tested with a Fritz!Box FON WLAN 7360.

For illustration on the example, please also visit my instructable.

If you need further guidance, provide your own example or find a bug, please open an issue here on Github or head over to the instructable and ask there.

##Known routers with TR-064 interface If you know more, please let me know!

  • Almost all Fritz!Box routers. Tested devices:
    • Fritz!Box FON WLAN 7360
    • Fritz!Box 7490 (tested by Dirk Kaben)
    • DECT200 (tested by Oliver-André Urban)
  • Some ZyXEL routers [eg. page 29 ]


Help is very welcome (especially for improving the library code). I'm not particularily good with C++. Also if you use the library to do something cool, please let me know - I'd love to add more examples to the Repo!


  • Add yield()'s
  • figure out the occasional crashes
  • Test for different setups (i.e. other microcontroller and other routers)
  • Get a new Nonce if a connection fails
  • Make code more efficient
  • Do some (better) error-handeling
    • Return proper errors
    • Re-initialize authorization to have a fresh Nonce
  • Add some more commentary
  • Create a sophisticated debug/verbose mode (and silence the non-debug mode!)
  • Add a keywords.txt , as described here:


  • Add yield()'s
  • Add a few more nice examples (eg turning on/off (guest) wifi, connection speed, WPS, etc)
  • WhoIsHomeIndicator
    • Add nice GUI/Website to configure/manage the users/LEDs/MACs/known devices
    • Known Bug: After a few hours the known devices "freeze", needs restart