Converts text files to images
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Converts text files to images

How to use

text2img <infile> [/c:codepage] [outfile]

infile     -  Text file to read contents from
/c         -  Codepage to use. Specify /L to list all available codepages. Can use ID or name
outfile    -  Output file. If not specified uses infile and swaps extension for ".png"

Windows GDI+ works with Int16 somewhere internally, so the maximum image dimensions is 32767*32767 pixels. This application uses a 32bpp image in memory that would result in about 4 GB of ram for the image.

Additional settings.

The console application doesn't supports additional arguments, but the image and text components do. You can for example change the font and colors.

Use as a service

You only need Tools.cs, ImageTools.cs and TextTools.cs.