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name: Türkçe
=== General ===
add: Ekle
apply: Uygula
cancel: İptal
clear: Temizle
close: Kapat
continue: Devam
copy: Kopyala
delete: Sil
deleted: Silindi
error: Hata
exit: Çıkış
minimizewindow: Ekranı küçült
no: Hayır
ok: Tamam
remove: Taşı
rename: Yeniden adlandır
reload: Yeniden yükle
result: Sonuç
restorewindow: Restore
save: Kaydet
selectfile: Browse...
yes: Evet
agf: İyi niyetli değişikliği geri al.
import: Import from global conf
successful: Başarılı
summary: Özet
id: ID
type: Type
target: Hedef
user: Kullanıcı
size: Boyut
date: Tarih
page: Sayfa
time: Zaman
version: Version
// this is just a translation of name in general, for example "Name of user" or "Name of file"
general-name: İsim
author: Yazar
description: Tanım
status: Durum
link: Link
reason: Sebep
diffid: Fark ID
expiry-time: Bitiş zamanı
duration: Süreç
no-token: No token
flags: Flags
=== Browser ===
browser-none: No page is displayed now
browser-load: Please wait, downloading diff using a web rendering fallback...
browser-miss-summ: No summary was provided
browser-diff: Diff of page: $1 (score: $2)
browser-fail: Unable to retrieve diff: $1
=== Edit types ===
//edittype-blocknote: Block notifications
//edittype-deletenote: Deletion request notifications
//edittype-deletetag: Deletion discussion tags
//edittype-deletereq: Other deletion discussion edits
//edittype-manual: Manual edits
//edittype-message: User messages
//edittype-note: Other notifications
//edittype-prodtag: Proposed deletion tags
//edittype-protectreq: Protection requests
//edittype-report: Reports
//edittype-revert: Reverts
//edittype-speedytag: Speedy deletion tags
//edittype-tag: Other tags
//edittype-warning: Warnings
=== About form ===
about-contributors: Developers:
=== Block form ===
block-title: Block $1
block-reason: Reason:
block-duration: Duration:
block-message: Talk page message:
block-anononly: Block anonymous users only
block-creation: Block account creation
block-autoblock: Enable autoblocks
block-email: Block e-mail
block-usertalk: Talk
block-usercontribs: Contribs
block-blockloglabel: Block log:
block-warnloglabel: Warnings:
block-sharedipwarning: Note: $1 is tagged as a shared or dynamic IP address.
block-sensitivewarning: This IP address is listed as 'sensitive' for the following reason:\n\n $1\n\nContinue anyway?
block-rangeblockwarning: $1 is already affected by a rangeblock on $2.\nThis block will override the effect of the rangeblock. Continue?
block-token-1: Getting token to block $1
block-fail: Unable to block user, $1
block-token-e1: token can't be retrieved: $1
block-error-no-info: no user info was present in query (are you sysop?)
block-type: Block / unblock
block-admin: Blocking sysop
blocking: Blocking $1
block-none: There is no user that I can block
=== Closing form ===
closing-whitelist: Updating user whitelist...
closing-config: Updating configuration subpage...
=== Configuration form ===
config-summ: Custom revert summaries for templates
config-title: Options
config-rememberme: Remember my username
config-autowhitelist: Automatically whitelist users
config-openinbrowser: Open browser links in new browser window
config-shownewedits: Show new edits to the selected page as they are made
config-ircmode: Use IRC feed for recent changes if possible
config-ircport: IRC port
config-difffontsize: Diff font size
config-logfile: Log file
config-viewlocalconfig: View local configuration folder
config-trayicon: Show tray icon
config-startupmessage: Show startup message
config-shownewmessages: Show new messages bar
config-shortcutlist: Keyboard shortcuts
config-shortcutaction: Action
config-shortcut: Shortcut
config-changeshortcut: Change shortcut for $1
config-noshortcut: None
config-defaults: Defaults
config-minor: Mark as minor
config-watchlist: Add to watchlist
config-defaultsummary: Default summary for manual edits
config-undosummary: Summary when undoing own edits
config-confirmmultiple: Confirm multiple reversions of an edit by the same user
config-confirmsame: Confirm reversion to an edit by the user being reverted
config-confirmselfrevert: Confirm reversion of own edits (except undo)
config-confirmwarned: Confirm reversion to an edit by a warned user
config-confirmrange: Confirm reversion to edit by an anonymous user in the same /16 range as the user being reverted
config-confirmpage: Confirm reversion of ignored pages
config-autoadvance: After reverting, move to next edit in the queue
config-userollback: Use rollback if available
config-revertsummaries: Revert summaries available in menu
config-clearsummaries: Summaries entered manually are remembered across sessions; click to clear these
config-extendreports: Extend reports after additional vandalism
// This is possibly going to be removed, depends on feedback
//config-autoreportgroup: Auto-report
config-autoreport: When asked to warn a user with a final warning
config-reportnone: Do nothing
config-reportprompt: Prompt for report
config-reportauto: Issue report automatically
config-templates: User template messages
config-templatetext: Display text
config-template: Template
config-promptforblock: Prompt for block if asked to warn a user with a final warning
config-blockreason: Default block reason
config-blocktime: Default block duration for
config-blocktimeanon: anonymous users
config-blocktimereg: registered users
config-summaryprompt: Enter summary
config-history: Download whole history of all articles
config-defaultsprompt: Restore defaults?
config-logbrowsetitle: Log file location
config-shortcutconflict: Shortcut '$1' conflicts with the existing shortcut for '$1'.
config-no-colon: You can't use : in name of queue
=== Delete form ===
delete-title: Delete $1
delete-reason: Reason:
delete-deletionlog: Deletion log:
delete-rem-talk: Delete associated talk
delete-notify: Notify creator
delete-error-token: ERROR: Retreiving the delete token failed. The reason provided was: $1
delete-token01: Getting token to delete $1
delete-token02: There was no token returned by the query
delete-e1: the page can't be deleted: $1
delete-e2: Unable to delete page
delete-edsc: Unable to delete page because $1
delete-failed-no-info: no page info was present in query (are you sysop?)
=== History form ===
historyform-no-info: No edit info
historyform-title: History
historyform-retrieve-history: Retrieve history
historyform-retrieving-history: Retrieving history
historyform-not-latest-tip: This is not a latest revision of this page, make sure you reviewed the newer versions as well. Also please, keep in mind that rollback may not be possible from this point.
=== User history form ===
userhistory-title: History of your changes
=== IRC feed ===
irc-connected: Connected to IRC recent changes feed
irc-connecting: Attempting connection to IRC recent changes feed; this may take a few moments...
irc-disconnected: Connection to IRC recent changes feed lost; reconnecting...
irc-nochannel: IRC channel for $1 not found; using slower API queries instead
irc-error: Unable to connect to IRC recent changes feed ($1). Using slower API queries instead
irc-stop: Waiting for primary feed provider to stop
irc-not: Feed: irc is disabled by project config
irc-failure: primary feed provider has failed, fallback to wiki provider
irc-wait: Waiting for irc feed provider to stop
irc-switch-rc: Switching to wiki RC feed
=== Login ===
login-intro: Please enter your wikipedia username and pick a project
login-language: Language:
login-project: Project:
login-username: Username:
login-password: Password:
login-proxygroup: Proxy settings
login-proxy: Use a proxy server
login-proxyaddress: Address:
login-proxyport: Port:
login-proxydomain: Domain:
login-start: Login
login-translate: Translate...
login-captchatitle: Captcha required to log in
login-progress-start: Logging in...
login-progress-language: Updating message files...
login-progress-global: Checking global configuration...
login-progress-config: Checking configuration pages...
login-progress-userlist: Checking user list...
login-progress-whitelist: Retrieving user whitelist...
login-ssl: Enforce SSL (requires openssl)
login-fail: Login failed
login-error-admin: Use of Huggle on this project requires an administrator account.
login-error-age: Use of Huggle on this project requires an account at least $1 days old.
login-error-alldisabled: Huggle is currently disabled on all projects.
login-error-approval: Use of Huggle on this project requires approval.
login-error-autoconfirmed: Use of Huggle on this project requires that your account is autoconfirmed.
login-error-cancelled: Cancelled.
login-error-captcha: Incorrect password or confirmation code.
login-error-config: Login failed unable to retrieve local config: $1
login-error-count: Use of Huggle on this project requires at least $1 edits.
login-error-disabled: Huggle is not enabled for your account, check user configuration page.
login-error-global: Login failed unable to parse the global config, see debug log for more details
login-error-invalid: Invalid username
login-error-language: Failed to load message files
login-error-nocaptcha: Captcha not solved
login-error-noconfig: This project does not have a Huggle configuration page
login-error-nouser: User does not exist
login-error-password: Incorrect password
login-error-projdisabled: Huggle is currently disabled on this project.
login-error-rollback: Use of Huggle on this project requires rollback.
login-error-unknown: Unable to log in.
login-error-userlist: Failed to load user list.
login-error-version: Version is out of date. Update to the latest version.
login-error-whitelist: Failed to load user whitelist.
=== Main window ===
main-page: Page
main-user: User
main-contribs: Contribs
main-history: History
main-new-messages: You have new messages; select System -> Show new messages or press M to view them.
main-system: System
main-system-messages: Show new messages
main-system-reconnectirc: Reconnect IRC feed
main-system-savelog: Save log...
main-system-lists: List Builder...
main-system-requests: Requests...
main-system-statistics: Statistics...
main-system-showlog: Show log
main-system-showqueue: Show queue
main-system-showtwoqueues: Show two queues
main-system-options: Options...
main-system-logout: Log out
main-system-exit: Exit
main-queue: Queue
main-queue-next: Next
main-queue-trim: Trim
main-queue-clear: Clear current
main-queue-count: {0} items
main-queue-query: Running query...
main-queue-reset: Reset
main-queue-clearall: Clear all
main-queue-options: Manage Queues...
main-goto: Go to
main-goto-mytalk: My talk page
main-goto-mycontribs: My contributions
main-revision-decline: Reject revision
main-revision: Revision
main-revision-view: View
main-revision-revert: Revert
main-revision-faith: Revert AGF
main-revision-previous: Previous
main-revision-next: Next
main-revision-latest: Latest
//main-revision-sight: Sight
main-tools: Tools
main-tools-sess: Display session info
main-tools-wl: Display whitelist
main-tools-il: Show ignore list of current wiki
main-page-switchtotalk: Switch to talk page
main-page-switchtosubject: Switch to subject page
main-page-switchtoarticle: Switch to article
main-page-viewlatest: View latest revision
main-page-history: Retrieve history
main-page-historypage: Show history page
main-page-edit: Edit
main-page-tag: Tag
main-page-reqdeletion: Request deletion
main-page-reqprotection: Request protection
main-page-watch: Watch
main-page-unwatch: Unwatch
main-page-purge: Purge
main-page-patrol: Mark patrolled
main-page-move: Move...
main-page-protect: Protect...
main-page-delete: Delete...
main-page-restore: Restore this revision of article
main-user-info: Show user info
main-user-ignore: Ignore
main-user-unignore: Unignore
main-user-clear-talk: Clear talk page of user
main-user-contribs: Retrieve contributions
main-user-talk: View talk page
main-user-message: Message...
//main-user-email: E-mail...
main-user-warn: Warn...
main-user-db: Decrease badness score of user
main-user-report: Report
main-user-ib: Increase badness score
main-user-clear-tp: Clear talk page of user
main-user-block: Block...
main-browser: Browser
main-browser-newtab: New tab
main-browser-closetab: Close tab
main-browser-closeothers: Close other tabs
main-browser-back: Back
main-browser-forward: Forward
main-browser-open: View this in external browser
main-browser-newedits: Show new edits to page
main-browser-newcontribs: Show new contributions by user
main-help: Help
main-help-documentation: Documentation
main-help-feedback: Feedback
main-help-about: About Huggle...
main-addqueue: Add...
main-savelogtitle: Save log
main-usermessageother: Other message...
main-advanced: Advanced...
main-stats: $1 edits per minute, $2 reverts per minute
main-display-session-data: Display a session data
main-revert-custom-reson: Please provide a reason why you want to revert this edit to previous revision
main-log1: Restoring selected revision of $1
main-tip-revertwarn: Revert this revision, and issue a user warning
main-tip-nextdiff: Show the next revision in the queue
main-tip-revert: Revert this revision
main-tip-template: Send template message to user
main-tip-warn: Warn user
main-tip-cancel: Cancel all pending actions
main-tip-undo: Undo recent actions
main-tip-browserback: Back
main-tip-browserforward: Forward
main-tip-browseropen: View this in external browser
main-tip-browsernewtab: New tab
main-tip-browserclosetab: Close tab
main-tip-history: Retrieve page history
main-tip-historyprev: Show previous revision to this page
main-tip-historynext: Show next revision to this page
main-tip-historylast: Show latest revision to this page
main-tip-historydifftocur: Show diff between this revision and the latest revision to this page
main-tip-contribs: Retrieve user contributions
main-tip-contribsprev: Show previous revision by this user
main-tip-contribsnext: Show next revision by this user
main-tip-contribslast: Show latest revision by this user
main-tip-pageview: View this revision
main-tip-pageedit: Edit this page
main-tip-pagewatch: Watch this page
main-tip-pagetag: Tag this page
main-tip-pagetagdelete: Tag this page for deletion
main-tip-pagedelete: Delete this page
main-tip-userinfo: Show user information
main-tip-usertalk: Show user talk page
main-tip-usermessage: Message this user
main-tip-userignore: Ignore all contributions by this user
main-tip-userreport: Report this user
main-tip-userblock: Block this user
main-revision-acceptpend: Accept this pending revision
main-no-page: The action you have requested requires a page to be loaded. Please load a page before trying again.
main-revert-null: Unable to revert, edit is null
main-revert-manual: Rollback token for edit $1 could not be retrieved, fallback to manual edit
=== Message form ===
message-title: Message $1
message-help: Specify one or both of Subject and Summary. If no summary is given, the subject will be used; if no subject is given, no header will be added.
message-subject: Subject:
message-message: Message:
message-summary: Summary:
message-autosign: Automatically append signature
message-retrieve-new-token: Retrieving token to edit $1
message-er: Unable to deliver the message to $1: $2
message-fail-retrieve-talk: unable to retrieve the user talk page
message-done: Successfuly delivered message to: $1
=== Move form ===
//move-title: Move $1
//move-target: Destination:
//move-reason: Reason:
//move-movetalk: Move talk page
=== Prod form ===
//prod-title: Proposed deletion of $1
//prod-reason: Reason:
=== Protect form ===
protect-title: Protect $1
protect-request-title: Request protection of $1
protect-reason: Reason:
protect-expiry: Expiry:
protect-log: Protection log:
protect-currentlevel: Current protection level:
protect-type: Protection type:
protect-none: None
protect-semiprotection: Semi-protection
protect-fullprotection: Full protection
protect-moveprotection: Move protection
protect-ft: Fetching token to protect $1
=== Queue form ===
queue-title: Queues
queue-queues: Queues:
queue-typegroup: Queue type
queue-listselector: List:
queue-listbuilder: List Builder...
queue-sortorder: Sort order:
queue-removeviewed: Remove edits when viewed
queue-removeold: Remove old edits to the same page
queue-removeafter: Remove edits after
queue-preload: Enable preloading of revisions when this queue is selected
queue-ignorepages: Ignore edits to pages on the ignored pages list
queue-traynotification: Show tray notification when a revision is added to this queue
queue-diffsgroup: Diffs
queue-nodiffs: Load diffs only when the revision is viewed
queue-preloaddiffs: Preload diffs when queue is active
queue-alldiffs: Load diffs for every revision in the queue
queue-pagefiltersgroup: Page title filters
queue-pageregex: Title matches regular expression:
queue-namespaces: Namespaces:
queue-applylabel: Click Apply to apply these filters to the existing page list.
queue-editfiltersgroup: Edit filters
queue-userregex: Username matches regular expression:
queue-summaryregex: Summary matches regular expression:
queue-filternewpage: New page
queue-filterownuserspace: User's own userspace
queue-filteranonymous: Anonymous user
queue-filterignored: Ignored user
queue-filterreverts: Revert
queue-filternotifications: Notification
queue-filterwarnings: Warning
queue-filtertags: Tag
queue-filterbot: Bot edit
queue-filterassisted: Assisted edit
queue-filterhuggle: Huggle edit
queue-filterme: My edit
queue-examplelabel1: Require this attribute
queue-examplelabel2: Exclude this attribute
queue-examplelabel3: Don't check this attribute
queue-usergroup: Show only edits from these users
=== Queue trim form ===
//queuetrim-title: Trim queue
//queuetrim-age: Discard all queued revisions older than
//queuetrim-ageunit: minutes
=== Requests form ===
//requests-title: Requests
//requests-cancelall: Cancel all
//requests-cancelled: Cancelled
//requests-inprogress: In progress
//requests-failed: Failed
//requests-completed: Completed
//requests-time: Time
//requests-type: Type
//requests-query: Query
=== Report form ===
report-title: Report $1
report-reason: Reason:
report-intro: You are going to report user $1
report-message: Message:
report-log: Warnings for this user:
report-include: Include in report
report-evidence-none-provid: You didn't provide any diffs as evidence, this will make it extremery hard for administrators to figure out if this user is vandal or not. Are you sure you want to continue?
report-duplicate: The user has already been reported
report-fail: Did not report $1
report-fail2: Error unable to retrieve report page at $1
report-progress: Reporting $1...
report-retrieving: Retrieving current report page...
report-done: Reported
report-user: Report
== UAA ==
uaa-not-supported: UAA not available
uaa-not-supported-text: The usernames for administrator attention noticeboard is not available on your wiki.
=== Reverting ===
revert-confirm-ignored: Revert edit by whitelisted user $1?
revert-confirm-multiple: This will revert multiple edits by $1. Continue?
revert-confirm-page: Revert edit to ignored page $1?
revert-confirm-range: The author of the target revision, $2, is in the same range as the author of the current revision, $1, and may be the same person; ensure the target revision is correct before proceeding. Continue?
revert-confirm-same: This will revert to another revision by the user that is being reverted, $1. Continue?
revert-confirm-self: This will revert your own edit. Continue?
revert-confirm-warned: This will revert to a revision by $1; this user has previously been warned. Continue?
revert-error-first: Edit is the first edit to the page; unable to revert.
revert-only: Edit is the only edit to the page.
revert-creator: Last edit was made by page creator, $1.
revert-preflightcheck: Preflight check
revert-delete-instead: Delete page instead?
revert-speedy-instead: Tag for speedy deletion instead?
revert-cannotundo: Cannot undo due to conflicting intermediate edits
revert-conflict: The page was edited by whitelisted user '$1'
revert-fail: Did not revert $1: $2
revert-nochange: The content of the target revision is identical to that of the current revision
revert-nootheruser: No other user has edited the page
revert-progress: Reverting '$1'...
revert-fail-pre-flight: Preflight check failed: $1
=== Speedy form ===
speedy-title: Speedy tag $1
speedy-reason: Reason:
speedy-parameters: Parameters:
speedy-notifycreator: Notify page creator
=== Statistics form ===
stats-title: Statistics
stats-actions: Actions this session:
stats-session: Session time: $1
stats-edits: Edits
stats-assisted: Assisted edits
stats-huggle: Huggle edits
stats-reverts: Reverts
stats-warnings: Warnings
stats-reports: Reports
stats-tags: Tags
stats-notifications: Notifications
stats-blocks: Blocks
stats-deletes: Deletes
stats-protections: Protections
stats-allusers: All users
stats-me: Me
stats-ignored: Ignored
stats-anon: Anonymous
stats-bots: Bots
stats-other: Other
=== Tag form ===
tag-title: Tag $1
tag-tagselector: Add tag:
tag-tags: Tag(s):
tag-summary: Summary:
tag-insertatend: Insert at the end of the page
=== Update form ===
update-title: New version available
update-notification: This version of Huggle is out of date.
update-prompt: Download and run the latest version now?
update-download: Update
update-progress: Downloading new version...
update-error: Failed to download new version
=== User info form ===
userinfo-generic: User info
userinfo-title: User information for $1
userinfo-anonymous: Anonymous:
userinfo-ignored: Whitelisted:
userinfo-edits: Number of edits:
userinfo-sessionedits: Edits this session:
userinfo-sharedip: Shared/dynamic IP:
userinfo-blocklog: Blocks:
userinfo-warnlog: Warnings:
=== Warning form ===
warning-title: Warn $1
warning-levelgroup: Warning level
warning-levelauto: Automatic
warning-level1: Level 1
warning-level2: Level 2
warning-level3: Level 3
warning-level4: Level 4 (final)
warning-warntype: Warning type:
warning-warnlog: Warnings for this user:
warning-submit: Send
=== HAN ===
han-not: Vandalism network isn't allowed in options
han-connecting: Connecting to huggle anti vandalism network
=== XfD form ===
//xfd-title: Nominate $1 for deletion
//xfd-category: Category:
//xfd-nominationtype: Nomination type:
//xfd-notify: Notify creator
//xfd-reason: Reason:
=== Web requests ===
//error-exception: Error retrieving $1
//error-fail: Failed to retrieve $1
error-loggedout: Account has been logged out, logging back in...
error-noresponse: No response
error-pagemissing: The page does not exist
error-reloginfail: Failed to log back in, try restarting Huggle
error-timeout: Request timed out
error-unknown: Unknown error
retrying: Retrying...
block-done: Blocked $1
block-fail: Did not block $1
block-progress: Blocking $1...
blocklog-fail: Failed to retrieve block log for $1
blocklog-none: No block log for $1
blocklog-progress: Retrieving block log for $1...
blocknotify-fail: Did not notify $1 of block
blocknotify-progress: Notifying $1 of block...
delete-done: Deleted $1
delete-fail: Did not delete $1
delete-progress: Deleting $1...
deletelog-fail: Failed to retrieve deletion log for $1
deletelog-none: No deletion log for $1
deletelog-progress: Retrieving deletion log for $1...
diff-deleted: This revision has been deleted.
diff-fail: Failed to retrieve diff of $1
//reqdelete-duplicate: The page is already tagged
//reqdelete-tagfail: Did not tag $1 for deletion discussion
//reqdelete-redirectfail: The page is a redirect and no redirect discussion process is defined
//reqdelete-tagprogress: Tagging $1 for deletion discussion...
//reqdelete-subpageprogress: Creating deletion discussion subpage for $1...
//reqdelete-subpagefail: Did not create deletion discussion subpage for $1
//reqdelete-logprogress: Adding $1 to deletion discussion log...
//reqdelete-logfail: Did not add $1 to deletion discussion log
edit-fail: Did not edit $1
edit-progress: Editing $1...
//email-done: Sent e-mail to '{0}'
//email-fail: Failed to send e-mail to '{0}'
//email-progress: Sending e-mail to '{0}'...
history-fail: Failed to retrieve history of $1
history-progress: Retrieving history of $1 ($2)...
move-done: Moved $1 to $2
move-fail: Did not move $1 to $2
move-progress: Moving $1 to $2...
notify-fail: Did not notify the creator of $1
notify-unknowncreator: Cannot find page creator
//patrol-duplicate: The page is already patrolled
//patrol-done: Marked $1 as patrolled
//patrol-fail: Did not mark $1 as patrolled
//patrol-notfound: Cannot find recent-changes id, page is too old
//patrol-progress: Marking $1 as patrolled...
protect-done: Changed protection level for $1
protect-fail: Did not change protection level for $1
protect-progress: Changing protection level for $1...
protectlog-fail: Failed to retrieve protection log for $1
protectlog-none: No protection log for $1
protectlog-progress: Retrieving protection log for $1...
//purge-done: Purged '$1'
//purge-fail: Failed to purge '$1'
//purge-progress: Purging '$1'
//queue-refresh-fail: Error refreshing queue '{0}'
saveuserconfig-done: Updated user configuration page
saveuserconfig-fail: Did not update user configuration page
saveuserconfig-progress: Updating user configuration page...
loadglobalconfig-fail: Failed to load global configuration page
loadprojectconfig-fail: Failed to load project configuration page
loaduserconfig-fail: Failed to load user configuration page
reqprotection-badformat: Format of request page unknown
reqprotection-duplicate: Protection has already been requested
reqprotection-fail: Did not request protection of '$1'
reqprotection-progress: Requesting protection of '$1'...
reqprotection-title: Request page protection of $1
//tag-alreadytagged: The page has already been tagged
//tag-deleted: The page has been deleted
//tag-fail: Did not tag '$1'
//tag-progress: Tagging '$1'...
//sight-done: Marked revision {0} of '{1}' as sighted
//sight-fail: Failed to sight revision {0} of '{1}'
//sight-progress: Marking revision {0} of '{1}' as sighted
speedy-fail: Did not tag '{0}' for speedy deletion
speedy-progress: Tagging '{0}' for speedy deletion...
warnlog-fail: Failed to retrieve warning log for '{0}'
warnlog-none: '{0}' has not been warned
warnlog-progress: Retrieving warning log for '{0}'...
//unwatch-done: Removed '{0}' from watchlist
//unwatch-fail: Failed to remove '{0}' from watchlist
//unwatch-progress: Removing '{0}' from watchlist...
usermessage-duplicate: A message about the same thing was already present
usermessage-fail: Did not message '$1'
usermessage-progress: Messaging '$1'...
//watch-done: Added '{0}' to watchlist
//watch-fail: Failed to add '{0}' to watchlist
//watch-progress: Adding '{0}' to watchlist...
warn-alreadyfinal: The user already has a final warning
warn-alreadyblocked: The user has already been blocked
warn-alreadyreported: The user has already been reported
warn-oldedit: The user has not edited since their latest warning
warn-recent: The user was warned less than $1 seconds ago
warn-fail: Did not warn '$1'
warn-progress: Warning '$1'...
=== API ===
//api-help: No parameters in API query
=== Query text ===
editquery-success: Successfuly edit $1
editquery-token: Retrieving token to edit $1
editquery-token-error: Unable to retrieve edit token
=== Unknown ===
provider-failure: Failure of primary feed provider, trying to recover
provider-primary-failure: primary feed provider has failed, fallback to wiki provider
rc-error: Unable to retrieve data from wiki feed, last error: $1
whitelist-download: Downloading new whitelist
queue-widget-name: Queue
logs-widget-name: System logs
wait: Please wait...
function-miss: Function is not available now
missing-aiv: This project doesn't support AIV system
merging: Merging
missing-page: There is no page $1 on this wiki
updating-wl: Updating whitelist...
updating-uc: Updating user configuration page at huggle3.css on wiki
feature-nfru: This feature is for ip users only
report-no-user: No user has been selected to report, please select some user first
welcome-tp-empty-fail: This user doesn't have empty talk page, are you sure you want to send a message to him?
welcome-page-miss-fail: Huggle was unable to retrieve the contents of user talk page, are you sure you want to send a welcome message to them?
cr-newer-edits: Conflict resolved: revert all edits including new edits. Edits are by same user: $1.
cr-stop-new-edit: Conflict resolved: do not perform any action - there are newer edits to $1
cr-message-same: There are multiple edits to $1 by same user, are you sure you want to revert them?
cr-message-new: There are new edits to $1 are you sure you really want to revert them?
cr-message-not-same: There are new edits made to $1 by a different user, are you sure you want to revert them all? (it will likely fail anyway because of old token)