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This wiki is incomplete, please contact me if you can help with editing!

Welcome to the Fantasy Map Generator wiki!

Here just a general notes, check out the list of pages on the right side.


Fantasy Map Generator is an online tool which produces a procedurally generated fantasy maps. You may either use an auto-generated maps or create you own map from scratch or using am image as a source. Project is under development, about once a month I'm deploying a new update with new functions and bug fixes. That's why the wiki pages can be outdated sometimes, please apologize once again.

Project goal is a procedurally generated map for my Medieval Dynasty simulator. Map should be interactive, scalable, fast and plausible. There should be enough space to place at least 500 burgs within 7 countries. The imagined land area is about 1 million km2.


Use cases

  • Exploration - click on the New map! button to get a random map. Select a desired preset, zoom in and explore the procedurally generated world

  • Tuning - go to Options, change the default settings like landmass template and countries number and generate a new map that will better fit your needs

  • Customization - open the Customize tab, select one of the available editors and change the random map in any desired way. There are just a few editors available now, but new ones are coming

  • Controlled generation - open the Template editor and create your own heightmap template. Apply the created template to see the result. Don't forget to share a good templates with me as default ones are not so good

  • Conversion - if you already have a map image and want to re-create it in a generator, open the Image converter, load the image and fine-tune the conversion into a heightmap

  • Drawing - use the Paint brushes to draw a map from scratch. It takes a lot of time, so I would recommend you to follow the Controlled generation approach to get a basic landmass and then use Paint brushes for a fine-tuning

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