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Notable changes to the project should be documented in this file.

Demo version (current version is available here):

[0.61b] - 2018-11-18:

  • New Relief Icons editor
  • Updated Relief Icons
  • UI controls for Relief icons density and size
  • 2 new cultures
  • Remove selected element on "Delete" key press
  • Changed cultures editor behavior
  • Bug fixes

[0.60b] - 2018-09-23:

  • Map Markers
  • Legend Editor (text notes)
  • Curved Labels
  • User-friendly overlay size display (e.g. "50 mi", not just "10")
  • Bug fixes

[0.59b] - 2018-08-28:

  • Random seed support
  • New heightmap templates
  • Integration with Medieval Fantasy City Generator
  • Relocate Burg option
  • Dialogs style changes, optional transparency
  • Ability to toggle Label groups separately
  • Bug fixes

[0.58b] - 2018-07-28:

  • Cultures editor
  • Namesbase editor
  • Reworked lakes
  • Options preservation
  • New filters
  • Non-island maps (wip)
  • Bug fixes

[0.57b] - 2018-06-17:

  • Unified burg editor
  • Relief icons editor
  • New Options
  • Bug fixes

[0.56b] - 2018-05-06:

  • Performance improvement
  • Route editor
  • Countries and River editors fixes
  • Map saving and loading fixes
  • New loading screen

[0.55b] - 2018-03-30:

  • Demo version is moved to
  • Default map resolution is set to full-screen
  • 'About' tab in Options with project description and links
  • 'Share' buttons in 'About' tab
  • 'The version is obsolete' message to display on gist version

[0.54b] - 2018-03-30:

  • Countries editor. Main features:

    • Unified countries list showing country name, color, capital, cells number, burgs number, area and population
    • Sorting support for unified list
    • Total line and a separate line for neutral cells
    • Ability to edit country name, capital name and color
    • Ability to change country population
    • Ability to re-generate countries based on either manually set or random power values
    • Ability to 'paint' a country, at's allowed to apply or cancel changes
    • Ability to proclaim new country
    • Ability to remove country or all countries at once
    • Highlight country name or capital on hover
    • Ability to zoom in to capital on icon click
    • Ability to save countries-related data as a .csv file
    • List all burgs within countries as a separate "Burgs editor" (see below)
  • Burgs editor. Main features:

    • Unified list showing all burgs within a country with burgs name, culture and population
    • Sorting support for unified list
    • Ability to edit a burg name or regenerate names for all listed burgs
    • Ability to change burg population
    • Ability to change country capital
    • Ability to add new burg
  • Scale editor. Main features:

    • Ability to set a map scale (distance in one pixel)
    • Ability to select a distance unit, default one is kilometer
    • Ability to select an area unit, default one is square kilometer
    • Ability to change scale bar size
    • Ability to set population rate (people in one population point)
    • Ability to set a urbanization rate
    • Ability to measure linear distances (ruler)
    • Ability to measure curve distances (opisometer)
    • Ability to measure area (planimeter)
  • Scale bar (depends on set scales, auto-rounded and auto-sized)

  • Overlays: hex grid, square grid, wind rose

  • Change population calculation logic

  • Remember editors position

  • River rendering method is simplified, now it works much faster

[0.53b] - 2018-03-07:

  • 'Graph size' option is usable now
  • 'Add River' button (click to auto-add a new River)
  • 'Paint Brushes' window is re-worked, Undo-Redo buttons added
  • 'Perspective view' for Heightmap (looks weak, should I try real 3D?)
  • Heightmap Templates improvement
  • River Editor improvement
  • 'Print Map' button
  • Active zooming (resclale labels on zooming)
  • Options randomization
  • New modal windows
  • Web-safe fonts added to default fonts list
  • Save/load buttons are moved to option footer

[0.52b] - 2018-02-26:

  • Image to Heightmap Converter
  • Roll back to Heightmap option
  • Rescale Dialog for Heightmap customization (draft)
  • Edges connection bug fix (can still rarely occur)
  • Version control for updates and save/load function
  • Save/load function support for Firefox (direct Chrome dependency is removed)
  • Downloaded .png resolution is increased from 960x540 to 1920x1080

[0.51b] - 2018-02-10 (offline version is here) - Style Editor update:

  • Stroke-width, stroke-dasharray, stroke-linecap for routes/borders
  • Size for burgs/labels
  • Color for cultures
  • Color scheme for heightmap
  • SVG filters

[0.50b] - 2018-02-06:

  • Heightmap templates
  • Template Editor
  • New CSS filters
  • UI improvements
  • Polygonal rivers
  • River Editor

[0.49b] - 2018-01-10:

  • Ocean layers selection

[0.43b] - 2018-01-03:

  • Save map
  • Load map
  • Graph size option

[0.1b] - 2017-03-20:

  • First published version
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