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Here I want to answer the most common questions Fantasy Map Generator (FMG) users may have. Please feel free to raise a new issue in order to request additional answers.

I have issues with the Generator, what should I do?

Please try to reproduce the issue on your own. If it's reproducible, please log an issue. A lot of issues are caused by browsers, please also try to use incognito mode and/or another browser. I recommend Chrome as the fastest browser in terms of svg rendering.

The map performance is poor, how can I improve it?

The performance mainly depends on the number of visible elements and visible map area. The optimization strategies are:

  • Toggle off unnecessary layers. Be mindful of the Relief Icons layer in particular – it’s the most resource-demanding one.
  • If you have a wide screen, open the Generator in a separate browser window, make it much smaller (about 900 x 560 pixels) and re-generate the map. Then, zoom in to see the map in detail. It will reduce the rending area and drastically improve the performance.
  • When generating maps, set Points number to 10K. Points (cells) number highly affects performance.
  • Toggle off map and element filters.
  • Close all irrelevant browser tabs and applications.
  • Use a leading edge browser (fresh version on Chrome, Edge or Opera). Firefox is reported to be significantly slower.

Who owns the maps created?

You. The Generator is licensed under MIT license and derivative works such as maps are free of charge. You can sell them or make them available for free.

My saved map is not working properly. What should I do?

If there is no version conflict, please raise a defect. If your map is obsolete, and it's clearly stated on load, you may either use an appropriate version of the Generator or re-create the map in a current version. There is no way to update it. The tool is under development and version conflicts are inevitable.

Can I export a created map?

Sure, there are a number of available options:

  • Save as .map: file can be directly loaded to the Generator.
  • Save as .svg: save a full map as a scalable vector image. You can open the file in a browser or edit it using a vector graphics editor.
  • Save as .png: save the currently displayed map fragment as a raster image. You can edit the file in any raster graphics editor.
  • Save map tiles as .zip: split map on .png chunks and save them all as a single .zip file. it allows to save giant raster images once chunks are combined.
  • Save as .json: save the map data to be used in GIS software.
  • Save to storage: save map data to the browser's default storage location. You should then be able to reload the map. This method is valid but, bear in mind, saving in the .map format is safer since browser storage can be accidentally cleared.

How can I open a saved .map file?

Open the generator, click on Load and select a .map file. Or just drag and drop the .map file on to the Generator window. No desktop application is required. The .map extension is an internal Fantasy Map Generator file format.

Can I manually edit a .map file?

Yes, you can do it using any text editor. However, if you break the formatting the file won't be loading. The common error is that most text editors automatically split embedded svg into separate lines.

Can I use the Generator offline?

The Generator is a web-based tool, but it can be run offline if downloaded from the Releases page. Select the latest available version and click on Source code (zip). Then, unzip the downloaded archive and open the index.html file in browser. I recommend using Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers. Please note that some functions, like additional Fonts, are not available offline. You can also download a desktop application (see below).

Is there a desktop version?

Modern technologies allow any web-application to be turned into a desktop application using Electron. To get a desktop application download an archive for your architecture, unzip and run the executable file. Electron version requires internet connection and basically just runs the site in a separate Chromium browser (the version is getting auto-updated).

Windows x64 | Windows ia32 | Linux | MacOS

To update the version just clean up the cache (Alt - Window - Clean stored data). For some users desktop application can be a bit faster than web application. But I would not expect any significant performance increase as it is just an Electron application, basically a web page opened in Chromium browser.

Which browsers are supported?

The Generator should work in any modern browser, but it is developed using the latest version of the Google Chrome. I also try to support the latest Mozilla Firefox version. Edge 79 and later will also work. Latest Opera and Yandex Browser should work as well. Outdated browsers like Internet Explorer are not supported.

Can I use the Generator on mobile?

You can, but I doubt you will enjoy it. The Generator GUI is not suitable for mobile devices and performance is subpar. In general, I would say mobile devices are not supported.

What about non-English localization?

Localization is planned, but not ready from coding side. Once my part with code support is done, I will inform the community to help me with actual translations.

What does Azgaar mean?

It's my nickname, it has no meaning. It can be spelled Azgaar, Azgar, or even Azgarr, depending on the platform. The name of the tool is Azgaar's Fantasy Map generator, pointing to me as creator. The short form is FMG.

You've mentioned a Medieval Dynasty simulator. What is it?

It's my meta-project. A CK2-style genealogical game focused on genetics. Generally a wedding/dynasty breeding simulator (see the screenshot). It's in pre-alpha and currently on hold, so no demo is available.

How can I help to improve the Generator?

Just use it, log defects and suggest enhancements (please use the issues page for both cases). Share the Generator link within your community! Post on FB, Twitter etc.

We also need a good video-tutorial. Please contact me if you have a video-blog and want to help.

Professional help from coders / UI designers would also be highly appreciated. It would be great if a native speaker could submit spelling/grammar corrections as well (including this wiki).

What is the team behind the project?

There is no team, but there is a Community. The tool is created by me, Azgaar. The community is based on our Reddit and Discord servers. Community moderators and people who helped me a lot are EvolvedExperiment and Dopu. Thanks for contributors and all our community members.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, you can support the project on Patreon. If you don't want to pay monthly, you are able to decline the donation at any moment in time. Other donation platforms are not supported.

Is there a place where I can discuss the Generator, share created maps and so on?

Yes, we have a dedicated Discord server and Reddit community. Both have active and supporting community.

How can I contact you directly?

Please PM me on Discord or send me an email.