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OpenGL and Houdini snow simulation (material point method)
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Snow Simulation

This is an implementation of "A Material Point Method for Snow Simulation" (Stomakhin et al., 2013). There is a 2D version for OpenGL and a 3D version for Houdini.

Demo video is on YouTube:

Demo video

2D Simulator

You may need to modify the project build settings for it to work. Build dependencies:

Prebuilt versions of these libraries are included for debian based systems (x86-64).


  • Click: adds a point for a snow shape
  • Enter: finishes previous snow shape and starts a new one
  • C: allows you to create a circle shape (first click sets origin, second click sets radius)
  • F12: converts snow shapes to particles and starts the simulation
  • ESC: stops the simulation and removes all snow

3D Simulator

A Houdini digital asset, ramshorn_fx_mpm_snow_otl_stable.otl has been created for simulation and rendering setup. You'll need to install this otl as well as the snow solver node plugin. Source code is in SIM_SnowSolver.c. Run to build the plugin (Note: you may need to modify to point to your houdini installation directory). See tutorial.txt and tutorial.hipnc for a basic setup.

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