GPL Euler equation solver
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Azrael3000 Moved init and output to new subroutines
The init only concerns the simulation internal parts. A new routine will
be added soon to cover the initial condition of the simulation.
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GPL Euler equation solver

GEES (pronounced like cheese because it's yummy) solves the Euler equations in 1-D. It is intended as teaching tool and to produce reference solutions and the whole code is in Fortran90, although it should be understandable for people who don't know that language very well.

Implementation details:

  • Time-stepping: 4th order explicit Runge Kutta
  • Flux calculation: MUSCL scheme (Kurganov and Tadmor central scheme)
  • Flux limiter: Ospre
  • Boundary conditions: Second order polynomial extrapolation
  • Equation of state: Tait

There is also a LaTeX document to be found in the doc folder that shows the gory mathematical details.

Before putting the code on github it was (and still is) available on my homepage. I put the code up for review on CodeReview.