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Alexa's Skill to fetch information from CTF Time
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CTF Time Alexa Skill

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This skill implements a bridge between C.T.F. Time's API and Amazon's Alexa assistant. You can find this skill on the Amazon Alexa Skill Store; try it: ACTIVATE.

Supported Commands

This is only the first release, so there are only few commands (IT/EN supported):

  • To request information about the top 10 global ranking
    • Alexa, launch C.T.F. Time
    • Alexa, which teams are on top of the charts
    • Alexa, who were the first ranked in 2014
    • Alexa, which were the top three teams in 2016
  • To ask for the best team
    • Alexa, open C.T.F. Time
    • Alexa, who is the best
    • Alexa, in 2013 who was the best
    • Alexa, which was the best of 2015
  • To look for upcoming C.T.F. events
    • Alexa, ask C.T.F. Time to show me the upcoming events
    • Alexa, ask C.T.F. Time which are the next seven events


These are the project dependencies:


If you like this skill or you like this project, you can give me a cup of coffee :P


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