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<title>Azure Readiness: DevCamp</title>

Azure DevCamp

February 2016 release. Source:

Sign up for Microsoft Azure

_We strongly recommend that presenters and camp attendees **run the [Installer](** rather than clone this repository. The installer is optimized for end users - it includes all NuGet packages, HTML documentation, etc._

Suggested agenda for a one day Azure Camp with Hands On Labs (HOLs)

Session Time (min) Activity
Intro to Azure 30 [Presentation](Presentation/Keynote/Keynote.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Keynote/)
15 [HOL - Signup](HOL/creating-azure-account-activating-msdn-benefits/)
15 [HOL - Working with the Management Portal](HOL/working-with-the-new-portal/)
App Service 30 [Presentation](Presentation/App-Service/App Service.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/App-Service/)
30 [HOL - Deploy a Web App to Azure *or*](HOL/get-started-with-websites-and-asp-net/)
[HOL - Create an app with a mobile and web client in Azure App Service](HOL/build-mobile-app-with-web-client/)
Machine Learning 45 [Presentation](/Presentation/Machine-Learning/Azure-Machine-Learning.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Machine-Learning/)
45 [HOL - Deploy a SPA with AD to Azure](HOL/machine-learning/)
IaaS 45 [Presentation](Presentation/IaaS/IaaS.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/IaaS/)
45 [HOL - IaaS](HOL/create-virtual-machine/)
Data overview 45 [Presentation](Presentation/Data-Platform/Data-Platform.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Data-Platform/)
45 [HOL - DocumentDB *or*](HOL/build-web-app-using-documentdb/)
[HOL - Elastic Scale](HOL/sql-database/)

Full presentation list

Keynote [Presentation](Presentation/Keynote/Keynote.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Keynote/) This module introduces the Cloud and the Cadence of Azure.
PaaS [Presentation](Presentation/PaaS/Building Cloud Solutions.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/PaaS/) This module provides an overview of how to design and deploy cloud solutions on Azure.
App Service [Presentation](Presentation/App-Service/App Service.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/App-Service/) This module outlines the high-level features of Azure App Service
Machine Learning [Presentation](/Presentation/Machine-Learning/Azure-Machine-Learning.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Machine-Learning/) This module outlines the high-level features of Azure Machine Learning
Data Platform [Presentation](Presentation/Data-Platform/Data-Platform.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Data-Platform/) This module outlines the Data offerings on Microsoft Azure
Data Storage [Presentation](Presentation/Data-Storage/Data-Storage.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Data-Storage/) This module gives an overview of HDInsight
IaaS [Presentation](Presentation/IaaS/IaaS.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/IaaS/) This module outlines the Virtual Machine and Virtual Network features of Microsoft Azure
Media [Presentation](Presentation/Media/Media.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Media/) This Module outlines the Media Service on Microsoft Azure.
Integration / Hybrid Workflows / API Management [Presentation](Presentation/Integration-Hybrid-Workflows/APIManagementIntro.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Integration-Hybrid-Workflows/) This module outlines the integration offerings on Microsoft Azure
Identity / Access Management [Presentation](Presentation/Identity-Access-Management/Identity and o365.pptx) | [Demos](Presentation/Identity-Access-Management/) This module outlines the Identity and Access Management offerings on Microsoft Azure
Conclusion [Presentation](Presentation/Conclusion/Conclusion.pptx) This short presentation includes calls to action and signup links for camp attendees