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AzureReadiness: DevCamp

Azure DevCamp

Mar 31, 2015 release. Source:

Sign up for Microsoft Azure

Suggested agenda for a one day Azure Camp with Hands On Labs (HOLs)

Full presentation list

Keynote Presentation This module introduces the Cloud and the Cadence of Azure.
PaaS Presentation This module provides an overview of how to design and deploy cloud solutions on Azure.
Web Presentation This module outlines the features of Azure App Service Web Apps and other supporting services
Data-Platform Presentation This module outlines the Data offerings on Microsoft Azure
Data-Storage Presentation This module gives an overview of HDInsight
IaaS Presentation This module outlines the Virtual Machine and Virtual Network features of Microsoft Azure
Media Presentation This Module outlines the Media Service on Microsoft Azure.
Mobile Presentation This module outlines the mobile offerings on Microsoft Azure
Integration Presentation This module outlines the integration offerings on Microsoft Azure
Identity Presentation This module outlines the Identity and Access Management offerings on Microsoft Azure
Conclusion Presentation This short presentation includes calls to action and signup links for camp attendees

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