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Simple Task Management application that uses ASP.NET and Windows Azure SQL Databases
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myTODO Sample

myTODO is a sample application to manage and share simple lists, for example tasks to complete, favorite movies, books you enjoyed, and so on. With full list management, you can cross off items, give them due dates, add, and remove items through a rich HTML 5, mobile-friendly interface.

The sample was built using ASP.NET MVC 4, jQuery and Windows Azure SQL Databases for the underlying data store. It also exposes public lists through HTTP services using ASP.NET Web API. This sample demonstrates the following:

  • How to use Windows Azure SQL Databases with a Windows Azure Web Site
  • How to deploy a Windows Azure Web Site with Web Deploy
  • How to build and run mobile web sites on Windows Azure

Getting Started

The sample includes a step-by-step getting started document explaining the setup process for myTODO. The whole setup process should take 15 minutes, in which you'll get a great introduction to how ASP.NET MVC and Windows Azure Web Sites.

Sample Site on MSDN

This sample is also provided via the MSDN Windows Azure Samples Site. You can download the code in zip format from MSDN here.

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