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FieldTopAuthors (Computer Science).pbix

Field of Study Top Authors

This sample code illustrates how to find top authors in a particular field of study by citation count using USQL and make the result interactive with Power BI.

Getting started


This script illustrates how to aggregate stats for authors in a given field of study.

Input Parameters

The script has the following parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
@fieldName string The field of study name to perform analytics. The same analytics can be done for a different field of study by changing this variable. FieldOfStudy.NormalizedName in Microsoft Academic Graph contains all possible values.
@fieldTopAuthorsCount int Controls the number of rows to output to topAuthors.tsv.

Output Files

The script should output one tsv with headers. Here's what to expect


AuthorId AuthorName CitationCount PublicationCount
2125104194 Philips S. Yu 50136 1048
2121939561 Jiawei Han 72259 702
.... .... .... ....


The template visualizes the results using a table with data bars and sort functionality. It also includes a slicer for users to search for particular authors in the table.

Template Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
ADL URI string The URI of the Azure Data Lake Store where the script wrote its output. You can find this information through Azure Portal by navigating to [{Your data lake store instance}] -> [Overview] -> [Essentials]
Field Name string Used for finding the correct path to files output by the script. This should be the same value as @fieldName in the script for the template to load correctly.

You can change top authors table sorting but understand that the topAuthors.tsv is constructed by taking top @fieldTopAuthorsCount authors by citation count. The table sort only compares the data in topAuthors.tsv.

There's also a slicer for author name. If you output lots of authors, you can find a specific author by using the slicer. The slicer is defaulted to single select, but the settings can be changed.

FieldTopAuthors (Computer Science).pbix

This Power BI report file is for comparison. If you run the script as is then use FieldTopAuthors.pbit to create a Power BI report, the visualization and interaction should be indentical.


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