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Source and tools for learning how to use Azure Active Directory B2C
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Project Name

(short, 1-3 sentenced, description of the project)


This project framework provides the following features:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • ...

Getting Started


(ideally very short, if any)

  • OS
  • Library version
  • ...


(ideally very short)

  • npm install [package name]
  • mvn install
  • ...


(Add steps to get up and running quickly)

  1. git clone [repository clone url]
  2. cd [respository name]
  3. ...


A demo app is included to show how to use the project.

To run the demo, follow these steps:

(Add steps to start up the demo)


(Any additional resources or related projects)

  • Link to supporting information
  • Link to similar sample
  • ...
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