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Getting started on scaling Web Apps in C#
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Getting started on scaling Web Apps in C#

  Azure App Service sample for managing web apps.
   - Create a domain
   - Create a self-signed certificate for the domain
   - Create 3 app service plans in 3 different regions
   - Create 5 web apps under the 3 plans, bound to the domain and the certificate
   - Create a traffic manager in front of the web apps
   - Scale up the app service plans to twice the capacity

Running this Sample

To run this sample:

Set the environment variable AZURE_AUTH_LOCATION with the full path for an auth file. See how to create an auth file.

git clone

cd app-service-dotnet-scale-web-apps

dotnet restore

dotnet run

More information

Azure Management Libraries for C# Azure .Net Developer Center If you don't have a Microsoft Azure subscription you can get a FREE trial account here

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