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Proof-of-Authority Performance Benchmark Tool

This is a useful tool for benchmarking the impact of network changes on performance. This tool is only used for relative benchmarking. Real-world performance will vary depending on many factors:

  • Transaction size and type
  • Node geo-location
  • Transaction load balancing
  • Node size
    • Memory
    • CPU
    • Disk type
    • Network I/O


This tool will deploy a simple contract and perform state update transactions. These transactions are submitted in batches. Batch size is configurable. The transaction submitter will wait one second between batch submissions.


This tool will listen for blocks and calculate the transactions per second as blocks are created. Current TPS will be displayed in the console using clui. Some transactions are sampled from each block to ensure they are successful. Once 50 blocks have been seen, the aggregate results are printed out and the program terminates.


sudo npm install

node mockTransactions.js [RPC_ENDPOINT] [REQUESTS_PER_BATCH]

node perfGauge.js [RPC_ENDPOINT]

perfGauge results

Hardware Benchmarking Results

  • Performance Runner Machine
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • Standard D8s v3 (8 vcpus, 32 GB memory)
  • 1000 transaction batches, 100 ms between batches
  • 50 block sample
  • Sampled .1% of transactions to ensure success
  • Deployment Topology
    • 2 VMs West US, 2 VMs in East US
  • Transactions were submitted to the West US instance from a West US machine
  • Query latency was measured from the East US instance via my dev machine

benchmark results