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Ethereum Blockchain Connector for Logic Apps

The Ethereum blockchain connector is rolling out to 25 Azure regions today and enables users to deploy contracts, call contract actions, read contract state and trigger other Logic Apps based on events from smart contracts.

Logic Apps and Flow deliver a graphical design environment with more than 200 connectors dramatically simplifying the development of end to end blockchain solutions, and Azure Functions enable the rapid integration of custom code.

A serverless approach also reduces costs and management overhead. With no VMs to manage, built-in scalability, and an approachable pricing model the Azure Blockchain Development Kit is within reach of every developer – from enthusiasts to ISVs to enterprises.

The release of this connector and the connectors that will follow are another milestone in our goal to enable anyone with an idea to be a blockchain developer.

The documentation for the connector can be found here.

You can find the connector directly within Logic Apps, search for Ethereum Blockchain and it will appear on the design surface.

A gallery of templates for common scenarios is also available, as shown below.

Logic App Connector

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