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Demonstrates how to use the Azure Storage SDK to implement a Blob trigger function to resize images in Node.js
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Azure Storage Blob Trigger Image Resize Function in Node.js

This sample implements a function triggered by Azure Blob Storage to resize an image in Node.js. Once the image is resized, the thumbnail image is uploaded back to blob storage.

The key aspects of this sample are in the function bindings and implementation.

Function bindings

In order to interface with image data, you need to configure the function to process binary data.

The following code sets the datatype parameter to binary in the function.json file.

  "disabled": false,
  "bindings": [
      "type": "eventGridTrigger",
      "name": "myEvent",
      "direction": "in"
      "name": "myBlob",
      "type": "blob",
      "direction": "in",
      "path": "{data.url}",
      "datatype": "binary"

Function implementation

The sample uses Jimp to resize an incoming buffer to a thumbnail. The buffer is then converted to a stream (as required by createBlockBlobFromStream) and uploaded to Azure Storage.

const stream = require('stream');
const Jimp = require('jimp');

const storage = require('azure-storage');
const blobService = storage.createBlobService();

module.exports = (context, myEvent, myBlob) => {

  const widthInPixels = process.env.THUMBNAIL_WIDTH;
  const blobName = myEvent.subject.split('/')[6]; => {

        thumbnail.resize(widthInPixels, Jimp.AUTO);

        thumbnail.getBuffer(Jimp.MIME_PNG, (err, buffer) => {

            const readStream = stream.PassThrough();

            blobService.createBlockBlobFromStream('thumbnails', blobName, readStream, buffer.length, (err) => {


You can use the Azure Storage Explorer to view blob containers and verify the resize is successful.

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