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A code snippet to demonstrate how to rename windows azure blob files.
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How to rename a blob file in Azure Blob Storage (using a code snippet)

##Introduction This sample includes a code snippet to demonstrate how to rename Windows Azure Blob files. Due to the lack of API to rename the blob file on Azure, the code snippet at below will only demonstrate how to rename a blob file in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Building this sample

To install Microsoft Azure Storage, run the following command in the Package Manager Console PM> Install-Package WindowsAzure.Storage.

  • Ensure your Visual Studio version is 2012 or above.
  • Before using the code snippet, you need to set your account name and key first:
StorageCredentials cred = new StorageCredentials("[Your storage account name]", "[Your storage account key]"); 
CloudBlobContainer container = new CloudBlobContainer(new Uri("http://[Your storage account name][Your container name] /"), cred);

Using the Code

/// <summary>  
/// 1. Copy the file and name it with a new name  
/// 2. Delete the old file  
/// </summary> 
StorageCredentials cred = new StorageCredentials("[Your?storage?account?name]", "[Your?storage?account?key]");  
CloudBlobContainer container = new CloudBlobContainer(new Uri("http://[Your?storage?account?name][Your container name] /"), cred);  

string fileName = "OldFileName";  
string newFileName = "NewFileName";  
await container.CreateIfNotExistsAsync();  
CloudBlockBlob blobCopy = container.GetBlockBlobReference(newFileName);  
if (!await blobCopy.ExistsAsync())  
    CloudBlockBlob blob = container.GetBlockBlobReference(fileName);  
    if (await blob.ExistsAsync())  
           await blobCopy.StartCopyAsync(blob);  
           await blob.DeleteIfExistsAsync();  

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