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#!/usr/bin/env python
This script will be used to analyze the storage accounts in the Azure subscription
import json
import jmespath
def main():
Main function gets called if this script is executed from the command line
def getStorageAccountNamefromDiskURI(diskUri):
storageAccountName = diskUri.split("/")[2].split(".")[0]
return storageAccountName
def OSDiskAnalysis(standardardizedJson, resourceType, outputCSV):
AzureVMs = "subscriptions[0]." + resourceType + ".virtualMachines", standardardizedJson)
TotalAzureVMs = len(AzureVMs)
#Loop through VMs to get additional details
for VM in AzureVMs:
#Only process VMs that are successfully provisioned
provisioningState = VM["provisioningState"]
if (provisioningState == "Succeeded" or resourceType == "ASM"):
OSDiskUri ="storageProfile.osDisk.vhd.uri", VM)
OSDiskStorageAccountName = getStorageAccountNamefromDiskURI(OSDiskUri)
VM["osDiskStorageAccountName"] = OSDiskStorageAccountName
VMAvailabilitySetName = str(VM["availabilitySet"]["id"])
if (VMAvailabilitySetName != "None" and resourceType == "ARM"):
VMAvailabilitySetName = VMAvailabilitySetName.split("/")[8]
#Determine if Standard or Basic VM
VMSize = VM["hardwareProfile"]["vmSize"]
if "Standard" in VMSize:
VM["vmType"] = "Standard"
VM["vmType"] = "Basic"
DiskInfo = [str(OSDiskUri), str(OSDiskStorageAccountName), str(VM["instanceName"]), str(VMAvailabilitySetName), "OS Disk " + str(VMSize), resourceType]
outputCSV += ",".join(DiskInfo) + "\n"
dataDisks ="storageProfile.dataDisks", VM)
if len(dataDisks):
for dataDisk in dataDisks:
dataDiskUri ="vhd.uri", dataDisk)
DataDiskInfo = [str(dataDiskUri), getStorageAccountNamefromDiskURI(dataDiskUri), str(VM["instanceName"]),str(VMAvailabilitySetName),"Data Disk " + str("diskSizeGb", dataDisk)) + " GB", resourceType]
outputCSV += ",".join(DataDiskInfo) + "\n"
return outputCSV
def executeRule(standardardizedJson):
This function gets called from the main Analyze program
to execute the relevant rules for storage account analysis
print("Generating storage resource list")
outputCSV = "Disk URI,Storage Account,Associated VM,Associated Availability Set, Disk Type,Deployment Model\n"
#Check if ARM exists, then do ARM analysis
hasARM ="subscriptions[0].ARM", standardardizedJson)
if hasARM:
outputCSV = OSDiskAnalysis(standardardizedJson, "ARM", outputCSV)
#Check if ASM exists, then do ASM analysis
hasASM ="subscriptions[0].ASM", standardardizedJson)
if hasASM:
outputCSV = OSDiskAnalysis(standardardizedJson, "ASM", outputCSV)
return outputCSV
if __name__ == "__main__":
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