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The purpose of this GitHub repository is to help startups quickly engage and get up and running on Azure services. You'll find links to key documentation, tutorials and code packets. If you have feedback on the content please submit an [issue] (

##Table of Contents

[- Getting Started on Azure] (
[- Working with Azure] (
[- Migrating to Azure] (
[- Infrastructure Services] (
   Compute, Networking, Storage
[- Platform Services] (
   Web & Mobile, Data,
   Intelligence & Analytics, IoT
[- Cloud Architecure] (
[- Additional Useful Tools and Links] (
[- Azure Resource Manager] (
##Getting Started on Azure - **[Get started on Azure](** – Link to Getting Started page. - **[Interactive Azure Map] (** - Interactive overview of services available on Azure. Click on a service to learn about it. - **[Azure Learning Paths] (** - Get started with these learning paths for different Azure Services. - **[Azure on Microsoft Virtual Academy] (** - Virtual courses on cloud development. - **[Azure on Channel9] (** - Video tutorials about Azure services. - **[Startup Offers] (** - Get free cloud credits and offers through Microsoft’s BizSpark program. - **[Microsoft Azure for Amazon AWS Cloud professionals: Getting Started] (** - Showcase and demo of Microsoft Azure features and comparison to Amazon Web Services to see how they match up.                      

📹 Getting started on Azure video series

- [Getting Started on Azure: *Overview of the Azure portal*] ( - An introduction to the Azure portal, covering navigation and key elements of the portal including the Azure dashboard, marketplace, and resources. - [Getting Started on Azure: *Resource Groups*] ( - Learn what to consider and how to create and manage a resource group on the Azure portal. - [Getting Started on Azure: *Storage Accounts*] ( - Learn how to create and manage a storage account on the Azure portal and select the storage option that is right for you. - [Getting Started on Azure: *Virtual Networks*] ( - Learn how to set up a virtual network including IP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing tables on the Azure portal. - [Getting Started on Azure: *Virtual Machines*] ( - Learn how to set up and configure an Ubuntu virtual machine on the Azure portal. - [Additional Getting Started on Azure videos] ( - View additional Getting Started on Azure videos such as Windows Server Virtual Machines, Web Apps, SQL Database on Azure and more.

##Working with Azure

##Migrating to Azure

Tutorials and Sample code

[AWS VM to Azure VM migration] (Content/AWS VM to Azure VM [AWS RDS to Azure SQL migration] (Content/AWS RDS to Azure SQL [AWS S3 to Azure Blob Storage migration] ( [AWS CDN to Azure CDN Migration] (Content/Amazon CDN to Azure CDN [ASP.NET Web App migration from AWS to Azure] (Content/ASP.NET Web App migration from AWS to

###Tools & Services - [AWCopy] ( - Azure service that provides parallelized copies of S3 files in Amazon Web Services to Azure blobs. - [CloudBerry Cloud Migrator] ( - service to transfer files from one cloud storage to another (Amazon S3 & Glacier, Windows Azure Blob Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files and FTP servers). - [Azure Import/Export Service] ( - Transfer Data to Blob Storage.

#Infrastructure Services (IaaS) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to the compute, networking and storage building blocks which allow you to build any kind of cloud solution. IaaS allows you to have maximum control on how you manage virtual machines, network configuration but requires you to invest in attaining robustness, availability and scalability in the cloud.


Tutorials and Sample code

[Containers on Azure] ( - Perform heavy computational tasks (for example video or audio encoding, hash calculation, data encryption, etc.) and make the process scalable and cost effective using Docker containers. [Deploy to Azure using the Docker VM Extension] ( - use Resource Manager templates to deploy the Docker VM Extension in a custom, production-ready environment that you define [Ruby on Rails web app on Azure VM] (



#Platform Services (PaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources are Azure services which are built for most cases and allow you to enjoy high availability, scalability and robustness out of the box. Instead of managing VMs directly, let Azure manage the underlying infrastructure and focus on building your applications and solutions.

##Web & Mobile