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Microsoft Azure Container Service

ACS UK Public Preview Release

Announced: June 28, 2017

On June 28, 2017, the Azure Container Service team released a new version of the service as public preview in the UK region. This is available in the ukwest and uksouth regions. The new service is based on the open-source heart of ACS: ACS-Engine. As part of this new release, a new preview header version 2017-07-01 is now available.

The new header version 2017-07-01 exposes the following new preview features:

  1. Simple Clusters - Deploy a standard cluster
  2. Large Clusters - Supports multiple worker pools
  3. Storage via Managed Disks - Support for storing OS disks in Azure's new Managed Disk feature (see #3)
  4. Storage via Storage Accounts - Support for storing OS disks in Azure's classic Storage Accounts
  5. Configurable Master Size - User control over Master VM SKU/size
  6. Configurable OS Disk Size - User control over Master VM OS Disk size
  7. Configurable Network Ports - User control over additional network ports
  8. Bring your own VNET - User control of the network the cluster is deployed into
  9. Windows - Support for deploying Windows clusters

You may wish to start with the documentation index page which contains instructions for deploying via Azure CLI. Additionally, each extended feature page should contain a link to deploy via the Portal.

And don't forget, these new features only work in ukwest and uksouth, for now.