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Release – Format x.y (Major.Minor) Example 1.6, 1.7,1.8

Version – Format x.y.z (Major.Minor.Patch) Example 1.6.8, 1.7.2, 1.8.0


Because ACS RP v1 will be phased out soon, adding newer kubernetes releases/versions to RP v1 will be done only with a compelling business need.

The current Release and Version in RPv1 today is v1.6.6

ACS RP v1 is available in the following regions

  1. australiasoutheast

  2. northeurope 

  3. brazilsouth    

  4. australiaeast    

  5. japaneast    

  6. northcentralus   

  7. westus  

  8. eastasia  

  9. eastus2    

  10. southcentralus   

  11. southeastasia    

  12. eastus          

  13. westeurope  

  14. Centralus

  15. japanwest       


ACS-Engine has moved from supporting versions to supporting releases. For example, previously ACS-Engine customers could choose the 1.5.3 or the 1.6.2 version of Kubernetes in the ACS template. Today, ACS engine allows the user to specify only a release (for example, Release 1.6 or Release 1.7), and then ACS applies a patch that updates that release's version to the most recent stable version.

The current default Release and Version is 1.7.5.

Current supported releases are:

  1. 1.5
  2. 1.6
  3. 1.7 (default)


ACS RP v2 automatically chooses the default release in ACS engine. Apart from that, the following deployment methods have slightly varying options and features:

  • Portal. Support only one release (which is the default in ACS Engine) (available today in regions where ACS RPv2 is deployed)
  • CLI. Support all releases supported in ACS Engine through a --–version or –release flag (NOT available today)
  • Template/REST API. Support all releases supported in ACS Engine as an input parameter (available today in regions where ACS RPv2 is deployed)

ACS RP v2 is avilable in the folloiwng regions-

  1. UK West

  2. UK South

  3. West Central US

  4. West US 2

  5. Canada East

  6. Canada Central

  7. West India

  8. South India

  9. Central India