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@palma21 palma21 released this Mar 19, 2020 · 6 commits to master since this release

This release is rolling out to all regions

Important Service Updates

  • As previously announced we have retired support for Kubernetes 1.13 releases.
  • AKS API version 2020-04-01 will default to VMSS (Virtual Machine Scale Sets), SLB (Standard Load Balancer) and RBAC enabled.
  • AKS has introduced AKS Ubuntu 18.04 in preview. During this time we will provide both OS versions side by side. After AKS Ubuntu 18.04 is GA, on the next cluster upgrade, clusters running AKS Ubuntu 16.04 will receive this new image.

Release Notes

  • Features
    • An update to AAD integration (AADv2) is in public preview. Code has been rolled out; documents and cli extension to be published in the week of 23rd March.
    • AKS now exposes the balance-similar-node-groups setting on cluster autoscaler, which enables evenly balanced numbers of auto-scaled nodes across nodepools.
    • AKS has added 2 new built-in storage classes for Azure Files Standard (azurefile) and Azure Files Premium (azurefile-premium).
    • AKS Clusters using Managed Identity are now Generally Available (GA) and will no longer need a service principal.
  • Behavioral Changes
    • The default azure disk storage class configuration has been changed from Standard_LRS to StandardSSD_LRS, and allowVolumeExpansion has been set to true.
    • Event deletion from the cluster will be audited to increase threat detection.
  • Bug Fixes
    • A change in how swap nodes (used during upgrade of VMSS) are deleted from the cluster to increase reliability.
  • Component Updates
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