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Release Notes

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0.1.2 (Preview)

  • Fixes for blocked assessments related to using certain properties in IIS7.5 configuration or using unsupported protocols
  • Unblocking sites with connection strings issues
  • Improved PHP version detection and unblocking migrations for sites with unknown or mixed PHP minor versions

0.1.1 (Preview)

  • Add banner when newer Preview version is available
  • Error logging improvements

0.1.0 (Preview)

  • Added support for virtual directory migrations
  • Added support for setting up Hybrid Connections on an alternate server
  • Conversion to more comprehensive configuration assessment model


  • Show a banner when a Preview version is available


  • Added support for PHP applications using PHP version 5 or 7
  • Specific notifications and handling for WordPress applications including database connection discovery and post-migration domain fixup assistance
  • Warning for discovering only "localhost" server database connection string
  • Logging uses ApplicationInsights, some additional logging


  • Name change to Azure App Service Migration Assistant (from Azure App Service Migration Tool).
  • Install with already installed earlier version results in SxS rather than upgrade.
  • Default to use Hybrid Connections only if non-localhost web.config connection string is discovered
  • No longer uploading migration assessment report to site during migration (publish content steps reduced from 5 to 3)


  • Single device code login
  • Improved migration errors and retry behavior
  • Handling for accounts with no subscriptions or disabled subscriptions
  • “Preview” artifacts removed from naming


  • Enabled migration to an existing App Service Environment (ASEv2)
  • Better error behavior when IIS is not installed
  • Bug fixing around assessment report loading
  • Disabled app launch during install


  • Fixed bug with logging in – now requires logging in twice


  • Initial release
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