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Wee Hyong Tok
Wee Hyong Tok Updated JSON Convrsion tool
Updates include
1. Tool creates target directory if it does not exist
2. For JSON files that are not valid, it will skip those files,  and
process the remaining files.
Latest commit bf5c25c Jul 31, 2015


This tool enables you to convert the Azure Data Factory JSON files to the latest format.

After you have installed the tool, you can find the JsonConversionTool.exe in 
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Data Factory JSON Conversion Tool

For the JSON changes, see 

JsonConversionTool /sd <source directory> /td <target directory> [/v <target API version>]
/sd <source directory>  -  Source Directory containing JSON definitions.
/td <target directory>  -  Target Directory for new Upgraded JSON defintions. 
/v <target API version> -  This is an optional argument. 
                           By default latest API version: '2015-07-01-preview' will be assumed. 
                           Supported target API versions: 2014-12-01-preview, 2015-01-01-preview, 2015-05-01-preview, 2015-07-01-preview.