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Azure Functions

Azure Functions is an event driven, compute-on-demand experience that extends the existing Azure application platform with capabilities to implement code triggered by events occurring in virtually any Azure or 3rd party service as well as on-premises systems. Azure Functions allows developers to take action by connecting to data sources or messaging solutions, thus making it easy to process and react to events. Azure Functions scale based on demand and you pay only for the resources you consume.

This repository acts as a directory for folks looking for the various resources we have for Azure Functions.

Get Started with Azure Functions

To get started with Azure Functions, you can visit and click on the green Get Started button. If you need a trial Azure subscription, there is also a link on that page.


Visit for the primary Azure Functions documentation page.

If you would like documentation on the Functions runtime oriented towards contributors, those are hosted in the Azure WebJobs SDK script GitHub wiki.

Questions & Help

If you have questions about Azure Functions, we encourage you to reach out to the community and Azure Functions dev team for help.

  • For all questions and technical help, our Microsoft Q&A is an easy place to have a conversation with our engineering team.
  • For questions which fit the Stack Overflow format ("how does this work?"), we monitor the azure-functions tag.
  • You can also tweet/follow @AzureFunctions.

While we do our best to help out in a timely basis, we don't have any promise around the above resources. If you need an SLA on support from us, it's recommended you invest in an Azure Support plan.

Issues & feature requests

We track functional issues in a variety of places for Azure Functions. If you have found an issue or have a feature request, please submit an issue to the below repositories.

Item Description Link
Documentation Docs for Azure Functions features + getting started File an Issue
Runtime Script Host, Triggers & Bindings, Language Support File an Issue
Core Tools Command line interface for local development File an Issue
Dev Tools Visual Studio and VS Code File an Issue
Portal User Interface or Experience Issue File an Issue
Templates Code Issues with Creation Template File an Issue
Azure CLI Create and manage function apps in Azure (az functionapp) File and Issue

Before filing an issue, please check that it doesn't already exist. If you're not sure if you should file an issue, you can open up an MSDN forum question. We also have a uservoice feedback site which we can track your feature requests through.

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