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Azure Media Services Explorer is a tool for Windows that does upload, download, encode, package, and stream assets and live channels with Azure Media Services. Source code is also provided.

Full description is available on http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/10/08/managing-media-workflows-with-the-new-azure-media-services-explorer-tool
Contact: amse@microsoft.com

This update brings the following features and bug fixes:

  • Job templates: you can save a submitted job as a new job template and use this template to submit a new job with another asset (this will create a job with the same tasks and settings. The number of input assets must match). Job Templates are also supported with the Watch folder.
  • Job re-submission: a job with a single task can be "resubmitted". In that case, a dialog box opens, user can modify the processor or the configuration string before resubmitting the job
  • Dynamic encryption can now be configured when a live program is created
  • Updated jobs chart. Time period can be selected.
  • It's now possible to provide the PlayReady seed or Content key, and the AES key with Dynamic Encryption
  • A locator GUID can be forced when creating a streaming Locator. It's also possible to create two live programs in two datacenters with the same path.
  • Program reset now restores dynamic encryption
  • Display secured live ingest URL
  • In Asset information box, Locator URLs are displayed with color information (URL is grayed if the streaming endpoint is stopped or has not reserved unit). Displays HTTPS streaming locators too.
  • When an asset is played, Explorer tries to find the best streaming unit.
  • Live channel, program and streaming endpoint code has been revisited.
  • Metadata of Encoded asset files can be displayed (codec, bitrate, etc)
  • Bug fixes