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Azure Sentinel Notebooks

Jupyter notebooks are an interactive development and data analysis environment hosted in a browser. The open API supported by Azure Sentinel allows you to use Jupyter notebooks to query, transform, analyze and visualize Azure Sentinel data. This makes notebooks a powerful addition to Azure Sentinel and is especially well-suited to ad-hoc investigations, hunting or customized workflows.

Network Timeline

More information on getting started with Azure Sentinel and Azure Notebooks

This repository contains notebooks contributed by Microsoft and the community to assist hunting and investigation tasks in Azure Sentinel.

The notebooks are mostly one of three types:

  • Exploration notebooks. These are meant to be used as they are or with your own customizations to explore specific hunting and investigation scenarios. Examples of this type include the Entity explorer series. (“Entity” refers to items such as hosts, IP addresses, accounts, URLs, etc.)
  • Simple How-To notebooks like the Get Started notebook.
  • Sample notebooks. These are longer and are meant to be instructional examples following a real or simulated hunt or investigation.

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Interactive Azure Sentinel Notebooks provides security insights and actions to investigate anomalies and hunt for malicious behaviors.




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